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Our Art Contest Accelerates Your Art Career

Posted on 19 July 2017

One of my favorite nights of the year is our annual art contest Art Comes Alive (ACA) Awards night. On this night each year I get to give away upwards of a quarter of a million dollars (yes $250,000+!!) worth of awards to artists whose work has been carefully selected by an incredible jury of peers and industry professionals. More importantly, I get to personally shake hands (okay, mostly hug) the artists whose work is being honored. As a person who has dedicated my life to seeing artists succeed, I can’t even begin to describe how exhilarating it is to see so many artist’s hard work pay off and be celebrated by fellow artists, industry experts, not to mention our ACA partners and sponsors. So I am not going to, instead I am going to let a few of the past award winners and ACA participants do for it me. Several past award winners can each tell you that ACA is not to be missed!

It’s Fabulous to Be Celebrated For Your Achievements as an Artist—Trish Weeks

artist Trish Weeks stand next to her work at ADC's annual art competition and exhibit Art Comes Alive

Trish Weeks has been attending our art competition for the past three years. She’s a three-time award winner (Landscape Painter of the Year, Purchase Award, and Exhibition Award) and has benefited not only monetarily, but from the exposure as well. Since the event, her vibrant and intricately textured landscapes continue to sell and be celebrated. But, what Trish loved most about ACA—was the night itself. I mean what other time do artists get to celebrate their hard work? What other time do artists get a chance to be recognized by fellow artists for the work you do? As Trish says, “The awards night always vibrates with excitement and possibility because the potential awards are so fabulous. As you anxiously await the announcement of each award, you hold your breath hoping your name will be among those called. It is a complete thrill to hear your name and to walk on stage to receive your award.”

Well, we can attest it’s a thrill for all of us at ADC too! Congratulations, Trish on your continued success! We can’t wait to see what you do this year.


It’s an Art Contest and Exhibit for Every Artist at Every Level—Debra Lott

artist debra Lott award winner at ADC's annual art competition and exhibit

More than a great party, ACA is a meaningful and powerful art award show that helps artists gain credentials. It’s an art contest FOR EVERYONE. Every single artist has a chance to get recognized—no matter what stage you are in your career—whether you’re just starting out, you’re in the middle of your career, or your already where you want to be, but want to get your art into different places—ACA can help. Debra Lott, who received Figurative Painter of the Year, says, “ACA has already impacted my career. When I posted my painting that received the Figurative Award on my Facebook page, I received a lot of likes and shares form people already familiar with my work - but the fact that I received an award was really impressive and caught their attention.” Besides the immediate attention, the artwork remains on our ADC website for the entire year, so that any visitor to the ADC website can view the award winners. And for those winners who receive gallery contracts—well, the sky’s the limit—they’ll continue to receive exposure, support, and representation. Amazing, right?


Be Honored with Other Professionals by ProfessionalsChin Yuen

artist Chin Yuen awarding winning artist at ADC's annual fine art contest and exhibit Art Comes Alive

We met Chin Yuen when she came to our booth at Spectrum Miami. She was immediately taken by us. And the feeling was entirely mutual.  As she says, “When I met Litsa and her team at Spectrum Miami a year ago and I was impressed with the quality of their booth: the artworks, the display, and the team looked fantastic.” And just as Chin was impressed by our attention to detail, we were astonished by hers: Chin’s work is beyond exceptional. It’s not a surprise that she won Painter of the Year and a Gallery Contract with us. Chin says this about the entire experience, “I witnessed once again the professionalism and dedication of ADC. This well-run business packs an impressive heart, and I think it is because Litsa's family and the ADC crew come together as a team. The warmth and sincerity of all involved is evident throughout the event. I am truly grateful for the recognition I received at ACA.”  

Well, we’re thrilled she feels this way because we feel the same. We put a lot of HEART into this event each year and love every minute of it because we love giving artists like her the chance to shine. 


If you’d like to join us at ACA, there is still time to submit your work! We would absolutely love to see your work. Deadline for submissions is August 25th, 2017. You won’t want to miss it!


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