8 Reasons to join the Blink Art Family of Artists

8 Reasons to join the Blink Art Family of Artists

The reason I decided to start Blink Art three years ago was simple: I wanted an easy, one-stop resource—both in print and online—that I could use to show clients our art and family of artists.  And most importantly, I wanted to discover new artists for OUR projects. I also wanted to give artists a platform they could use to gain exposure, sell artwork, get discovered by trade buyers, curators, art collectors, and interior designers, as well as gain access to resources to help and support their career. And that’s exactly what has happened. Over the past three years, hundreds of Blink Artists have received millions of dollars’ worth of commissions, grants, and awards—and so much more.

If you’re one of our Blink Artists who has enjoyed the success of being a part of our annual publication Blink Art Resource and who has joined us at shows, you already know the transformational power Blink Art has had on your career. And today I wanted to share my 8 Reasons to join the Blink Art Family of Artists if you’re considering it:


1. You’ll experience unparalleled exposure to trade buyers, art consultants, and interior designers.

As I said before, I think of my artists as family, I want my artists to succeed and thrive just as I would my own family members. And the best way I know how to help artists succeed is to give them access to my extensive network of design and trade professionals. Our annual Blink Art Resource puts your work at the fingertips of 10,000+ interior designers, art consultants, and gallery owners across the nation. And our online artist portfolios reach over 100,000 annual users.

2. We don’t take a bit of commission from the work you sell through the Blink Art Resource publication.

Yes, you heard me. If a trade buyer, interior designer, or art consultant sees your work in the Blink Art Resource they will also see your name, contact information, and website. They can contact YOU directly to purchase work or hire you for a commissioned piece. Then you will negotiate with the gallery owner, art consultant, or interior designer your price, and their commission. You only pay a nominal fee to be included in the Blink Art Resource, and all the money you make from the exposure you receive—you keep. (See our reasonable perks and pricing terms here.)


3. Your work will be featured with leading talent in the country in a beautiful, curated and custom designed book.

While many artists apply to be a part of Blink Art Resource, not all artists are accepted. We carefully curate the book so that we are only representing the best artwork in the country that is highly sought after by interior designers and trade buyers. Additionally, we work hard to create the most beautiful book for our clients. Each page is created by an expert graphic designer, who works directly with you to place your artwork in modern, desirable settings that will appeal to interior designers and trade buyers. (Another perk: You are able to keep all the digital images created for your pages in the book and you can use them on your own website and marketing materials!)


 4. We’ll exhibit your work in our beautiful 10,000 sq. ft. gallery.

Each year, we host a fabulous exhibition featuring only Blink Artists, which we advertise, market, and promote for months. After the exhibition, we keep the Blink Artist pieces up for viewing throughout the year at our state-of-the-art gallery that hosts thousands of visitors each year for many premier events. We always partner our exhibitions with major events to give you the maximum exposure. Your work will be showcased along with many top nationally recognized artists in all mediums—sculpture, paintings, mixed media, abstracts, realism, and much more.


 5. You work will always be considered by our art consultants first for our projects. 

Each year the parent company of Blink Art, Art Design Consultants, works with hundreds of corporate, healthcare, residential, and hospitality clients who are seeking original work for their projects. Our art consultants and I go to the Blink Art Resource first when sourcing artwork. We give our Blink Artists preferential treatment and make sure our clients see your work first. Sure, we also source work from artists who aren’t Blink Artists, because it’s always about what the client ultimately wants. But I can attest after years of doing this, most clients look no further than our Blink Artists. Wouldn’t you want to have that advantage too? In the past three years alone, we’ve sold work by over 370 artists!


6. When you join Blink Art you immediately have access to over $12,000,000 in Artist Opportunities!

An additional perk of being a Blink Artist is that as soon as you join you will receive unrestricted access to our Artist Opportunities Portal, where you will find updated information on grants, fellowships, project proposals, exhibitions, and calls to artists. We do all the homework for you—it’s all right there in the portal.


7. Youre not only getting online and print promotional platform, but you’re also getting a support system when you join our family.

We do more than just host your work on our website or print it in a book. Before signing on, our experts will work with you on artwork selection and price consultation to keep your online artist portfolio competitive and more attractive to interior designers and other art buyers looking to purchase artwork for projects. We also offer strategic digital campaigns and advertising to promote our artists. When you become a Blink Artist, you are joining a team that will be supporting you and selling your art for you, so that you can do what you want to do—which is create more art.

8. You can join us at international exhibitions like Artexpo New York, SPECTRUM Miami, and Las Vegas, where we do the work for you!

As a Blink Artists, you will receive competitive pricing options that will ultimately save you thousands of dollars by partnering with us to exhibit at International shows where millions of art buyers and collectors gather each year. Our beautiful space is carefully curated and is one of the largest at each exhibition and is always featured in premium and high-traffic areas. Most importantly, we take care of all the details and do everything from wall layout and pre-show marketing to the installation and even selling of your work. Leave it to the experts, so you can focus the show or networking. Can’t make it? That’s okay too. We will take care of it all so you don’t have to worry about a thing.



We can’t wait to hear from you!


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