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5 Ways to Use Facebook to Increase Exposure and Sales

Posted on 27 November 2017

Any marketer or business person would tell you that the key to marketing is not just the message, but the channels you choose to use to get that message out. It doesn’t matter how fantastic your content is, if it isn’t reaching the right people you’ll never get the results you desire.

However, thanks to digital platforms, we now have a seemingly unlimited direct access to potential clients and consumers through a variety of different marketing channels. In the past, I’ve talked about using YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest, which are all great for building an audience and increasing your exposure. However, another social media platform I rely on to get all of our messages out is Facebook. While most people use it to keep up friends and family, it’s a powerful marketing tool for artists to get the word out about upcoming events, new work, art exhibits, sales, and much more. But if you think Facebook is just about posting memes or venting about your day, then you’re missing out on all the ways that you could be using Facebook to reach potential clients and art fans. In this blog, I am sharing 5 Ways to Use Facebook to Increase Exposure and Sales:


1. Posting Photos of Your Art Work

One of the advantages that artists have over everyone else on the internet, is you actually have cool photos of images to post. Everything you do is visual. So you need to be posting your work consistently. It doesn’t always have to be the finished product either (although, you should do this, too). Sharing your work mid-process or sharing a bit of the image that you’re working on (a tease), are all great posts.  Be sure to name your work, and if possible, be ready to tell a short story about what inspired you, or why you’ve chosen a certain subject, medium, or color scheme. You’d be amazed at the responses you will get.

Share Your New Work on Facebook

Share Current Events that Feature Your Artwork 


 2. Paying for Ads or Sponsored Posts

If you see that a particular post is doing well—i.e., your friends are responding, and you’re getting a lot of comments and likes, then this may be a post that you’d like to sponsor. A sponsored post is a way for you to take a post you’ve already created and optimize it with paid advertising to reach a larger audience. For a fee you agree upon with Facebook, based on your daily budget, you can run a “sponsored post” that goes to a specific audience for a specific amount of time. Why would you do this? Say you have an event coming up or a piece of art you’d like to sell, by sponsoring a post you will guarantee that a post will reach an exponential amount of people outside of your friend and social group. Another option is you can create a paid advertising campaign on Facebook. You select the picture, the wording or sell copy, and then you even select the audience you’re trying to reach. You select the demographics—age, location, and even interests. This way you can reach a number of people outside of a limited number of followers. You can choose to run ads to promote your website, your Facebook page, or even upcoming event or piece of artwork.

Paying for Facebook ads gains you access to new buyers 


 3. Using Short Videos and Live Videos

I’ve found one of the best ways to reach a large number of people is to post videos on Facebook. You’d be amazed the power of a short, eye-catching video has to engage followers. Stand in front of a piece of your art and talk about it, or set up a camera and show yourself in your studio working. Try playing with the Time Lapse photo feature to show your process sped up for the viewer. People LOVE watching videos. They’re hard to resist.

Videos help your artwork and page stand out on Facebook

Live videos on Facebook get you unparalleled reach

Another great way to almost guarantee that people see your videos is to shoot a “Live” Facebook video. All you have to do is go to the post area and click “Live Video” and you begin to shoot. It’s that simple.  The beauty of the Live Videos feature on Facebook is that notifications go out to all of your contacts immediately saying that you are live. We have used this feature here at ADC and have experienced amazing results. When our gallery director Elizabeth went live to talk about ACA.  Thousands of followers watched her, and we even had artists sign up immediately. And here’s another added bonus with using Live Videos:  Friends of your friends will get notifications that their friends are watching live videos! What does that mean? That means that people who you wouldn’t normally reach out to will be able to discover you and your work as well. Go live!

4. Posting and Setting Up an Events Page

Another feature we love to use on Facebook is the Events feature. Anyone can create an Event on Facebook. More than simply announcing that you have an exhibit coming up or a sale on your page, a Facebook Event allows you to set up a formal page with all the event info—time, address, directions, and other pertinent details. It also allows you to invite people and encourage others to invite their friends as well. An added bonus, when a friend of yours accepts the invite to the event or says he or she is going to your event, his or her friends will see that as well.


5. Responding to and Sharing Others Posts

In addition to posting something each day to your page, you need to spend time each day sharing, commenting, and responding to others’ posts. Give shout outs to other artists and exhibits. Tell others about the art events you attend. If you want other to stay engaged with you, you need to be engaged with others. If it’s too one-sided for too long, you’ll eventually lose audience members. But, there is an added bonus to sharing and engaging with others, when you do this—and you tag the posts you’re sharing—the person whose post you’re sharing will see it, as will their followers. Again, by doing something nice for someone else, you’re also gaining exposure for yourself. It’s a win-win.


I hope this inspires you to get social!

And in the meantime, I’ll see you on Facebook!


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