5 Ways to Talk about Your Accomplishments Without Sounding Full of Yourself

5 Ways to Talk about Your Accomplishments Without Sounding Full of Yourself

How often do you share significant news with your community of followers? For most artists, self-promotion feels awkward and a bit shameless. But there's a way to share your success that triggers a positive response. Yes, there's an art to the humble brag. If done properly, it can catapult your artwork to new audiences, which means new buyers!


Master the Art of the Humble Brag to Attract and Impress Clients

how to humble brag without annoying people


IT'S OKAY to toot your own horn, but do it in a way that’s still humbling. Success comes when hard work pays off, and if you position it as it was nothing then people will take offense.

As an artist, sharing your success and achievements with your community of followers is an important step to generating interest, support, and excitement around your artwork. It also shows that you're confident and proud of the work you're producing. But there’s a fine line between the occasional humble brag and downright obnoxious boasting. That’s why I’ve put together five tips to master the art of the humble brag. In this blog, you’ll learn how to reap the rewards of shouting out about your successes!


1. Celebrate, Don’t Showboat

The art of the humble brag is that it is, well, humble. There’s no room for “I’m good and I know it.” Or “I barely tried.” You want to keep the focus of your humble brag on your hard work.  People will respect your success when they know you’ve dedicated time and effort into making it happen.


2. Own Your Success

On the flip side, to avoid sounding like a braggart, artists become overly modest to the point of self-deprecation. It sounds a little something like this, “I can’t believe I scrapped together enough talent to pull this off.”  There is zero tolerance for self-deprecating remarks when you shout out about your success. You worked hard to achieve your success or accolade, so own it and be okay with your community celebrating right alongside you.


3. Say Thank You

You aren’t solely responsible for this major success you’re celebrating. Stay gracious and thank those that made this accomplishment possible from the organization who gave the award, client who purchased the piece, to the family and friends that have supported you along the way. You don’t hear award-winners at the Grammy’s saying it was all me, myself and I. No, they’re up there listing everyone who contributed to that moment.

BONUS: This is also a great way to stretch the content and create two shorter posts over one long one.


4. Prioritize Your Marketing

Big awards and achievements should be announced to your email news list. Like if you won “Best in Show” at an art competition like Art Comes Alive. Otherwise, stick to releasing the information on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. But be sure to switch up the content and imagery so it’s not the same thing across all platforms.


5. Pay It Forward

I personally believe that paying it forward ignites the true spirit of community. Talk up your peers and fellow artists’ achievements as well as your own.  It shows that you're confident enough with yourself and your art to shine the spotlight toward another artist. 


Mastering the art of the humble brag takeaways

  • Self-promotion doesn’t have to be shameful.
  • Shouting out about your success shows your confidence in your artwork.
  • Be gracious when you share an accolade and don’t overdo it.
  • Keep content fresh on each platform you post on.
  • Comment on and share the successes of your peers. 


Thanks for reading! 



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