Artwork Transforms a Corporate Office and Their Employees

Artwork Transforms a Corporate Office and Their Employees

cincinnati art gallery picks art for corporation

What they needed

As a 30-year industry veteran, Kevin Hughes, the managing principal of The Cincinnati office of Cushman & Wakefield, knows a thing or two about corporate culture. Cushman & Wakefield is one of the area’s leading full-service provider of customized commercial real estate solutions. And let me tell you, they work hard.

He is responsible for nearly 300 employees serving in the Dayton-Cincinnati market, so that’s why he knew their new office space needed to be something spectacular.

“We wanted to reinvent ourselves with this office space and give our employees more mental legroom for collaboration and inspiration. To achieve the look we were going for we knew we needed an art consultant. That’s why we turned to Art Design Consultants for help. We’ve seen the inspirational spaces they’ve curated for other businesses and we wanted in.”

a quote from kevin hughes about working with art design consultants on curating their corporate art collection

How we did it

A demanding work environment needs relief, no question about it, and there are multi-benefits to including original artwork in the office. One aspect of art is the inherent aesthetics, which lowers stress levels. It brings a sense of beauty, inspiration, and culture to the space. Having culture in the workplace can improve workplace culture itself.  

Cushman and Wakefield's existing office and décor was contemporary and bold, so we wanted to carry this spirited design onto the walls with unexpected shapes and vibrant color schemes. When selecting artwork for the office, we incorporated the company’s brand color – a bold, true red.

“I was very surprised with the artwork selection - there was a variety in the shapes and mediums. It wasn’t just another landscape on the wall. All the artwork feels like it belongs and ties in with the brand. Our office is now a cohesive, creative space for our employees.”


The Final Result

It’s true that artwork is about the beauty and inspiration it instills in a space.  But an original artwork in a lobby or conference room shows that management cares enough about the employee experience – and the customer experience – to have a thoughtfully-maintained facility that people feel good about working in.  

“The whole idea behind art in our space is that it reduces stress, stimulates creativity, communicates high energy, and motivates our employees. And we’re seeing those positive effects. It leaves a lasting impression, whether it’s an employee who sees the artwork every day or a client who visits once or frequently. We’re very proud of our office space because of the artwork Litsa selected.”



Need your space transformed?

There are several reasons why hiring ADC as your art consultant makes sense—streamlined and easier process, familiarity with artists and their work, space assessment, professional and careful curation, and determination of artistic taste and goals. Whether you’re simply trying to update a space or going for that WOW! factor, ADC helps you determine the right art for your space and goals.


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