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Posted on 04 October 2011

On September 15, ADC unveiled Michele Nieter, of Arbor Living Interior’s, Design Star Cincinnati showroom. And, wow, what a success! The crowd was beyond impressed. Throughout the evening I continued to hear people say they want to lift Michele’s room right out of the gallery, and plop it down into their own home! (…and, yes, I confess I was one of these people!) Even the smallest details of this room, dedicated to “The Art of Entertaining,” were well thought out including the colors, textures, and even the technology!     [caption id="attachment_1027" align="aligncenter" width="550" caption="The crowd applauses after the unvieling of the showroom"][/caption]



Michele’s use of color in this room is well balanced and gives the room a sophisticated energy. By using such bright teal with a more subdued and neutral grey, the color accents pop! The pillows, vases, and artwork steal the show with their vibrancy! Artist, Megan Triantafillou’s artwork is absolutely perfect for the space, both in color and whimsy; Triantafillou’s paintings match Michele’s design seamlessly. [caption id="attachment_1029" align="aligncenter" width="440" caption="Click photo to see more of Megan Triantafillou's artwork"][/caption]


[caption id="attachment_1030" align="aligncenter" width="440" caption="Click photo to see more of Megan Triantafillou's artwork"][/caption]



The room was beautifully accented with silver and glass, adding dimension and texture in a way that played beautifully with light. The metal brought weight to an airy space, and created juxtaposition by pairing a more masculine detail with the more feminine floral throw pillows.    


Technology is a huge part of our lives today and sometimes it’s difficult to incorporate it into our design. Wires and cable boxes aren’t always the look we’re going for. Michele Neiter has a technology technique that is fail safe. Not only did she incorporate a 47” flat screen TV into her room, she did it with class. The TV’s frame is sleek and blends right into the wall like another piece of artwork. The modern style and clean lines of the shelving below is perfect for hiding wires and speakers, and showcasing beautiful books, vases, and candles.


Michele Nieter’s Design Star room is up in the gallery and available to view until Friday, October 14. Come to the gallery and see it in person before it’s gone! Sit down, and relax in this gorgeous space and let it inspire and motivate you for when you design at home. And if you’re having trouble capturing the balance Michele has struck, contact her at Arbor Living Interiors and ask for a hand!

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