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Posted on 15 April 2013

Tastes evolve, and tastes change...and sometimes, during the process we lose our way and wonder what our tastes even are. This fun style quiz will help you narrow down the looks you love, and ultimately reveal to you what kind of fine art will suit you- your individuality & personality! Just add the numbers associated with your choices together at the end of the quiz to learn your results!     Q1 Every woman needs a good pair of high heels. Which of the below would you choose to add to your collection?

Style Quiz shoes


Q2 It's girls night out. Which outfit would you choose from your closet?

Syle Quiz Clothes


Q3 Which room pictured would be your ideal space?

Syle Quiz, Interiors


Q4 Which of these looks would you bring to your hairdresser for inspiration?

Syle Quiz Hair


Q5 You're shopping at a cute strip of boutiques, and you stumble upon the most unique jewelry store. Which item do you leave with?

Style Quiz Jewelry




You have sophisticated, classic taste. You love a clean and elegant look with a feminine twist. You like to use colors that are soft and unobtrusive. You're not afraid to use bright and bold colors, but when you do you balance it with soothing neutrals that are warm and inviting. You like looks that truly never go out of style.

Our artists suggestions for you are:

1. Alexa McNeil

2. Katherine Hurley

3. Mary Barr Rhodes

5-10 score style quiz



You have feminine, flirty taste with a masculine twist. You like to balance intense cool colors with warm accents, creating a youthful energy. You like things old and new, and the way they work together to create harmony. You're unafraid of taking a classic look, and adding your own modern twist.

Our artist suggestions for you are:

1. Leslie Dyas

2. Susan Mahan

3. Ken Rausch

10-15 Style Quiz



You have bold, whimsical tastes. You love vibrant colors and pattern and your not afraid to show your eclectic style. You think sophistication and fun can go hand in hand throughout all the elements of your life. You like things that make a statement and give you energy.

Our artist suggestions for you are:

1. Tom Towhey

2. Patrick Williams

3. Lisa Schafer

16-20 Style Quiz



You have edgy, contemporary tastes. You like statement pieces, things that are one of a kind. You enjoy the contrast of textures and colors and the dramatic look it creates. You don't need a lot of things, but what you do have you want to be of high quality and design.

Our artists suggestions for you are:

1. Lisa Schuster

2. Tom Owen

3. John Lansiedel

21-25 Style Quiz

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