Sisters Team Up to Become a Beautiful Force for Beauty

Sisters Team Up to Become a Beautiful Force for Beauty

Sylvia Rombis, the owner of the prestigious Malton Art Gallery (an iconic fixture of Cincinnati’s art scene since 1974), is transitioning to ADC, Art Design Consultants, to partner with her sister, Litsa Spanos. As a Partner and Art & Creative Consultant, Rombis will be assisting with the art needs of individual clients and collectors. 


New Art and Design Collaboration in Cincinnati for National Clientele 

This partnership is significant in that ADC is excelling and continuing to grow in today’s art market. This is evident in the work that ADC does as they not only select art for clients, they transform spaces with art.


Collaboration is nothing new for this dynamic duo of the art world. Rombis explains, “Litsa and I have been collaborators from the very beginning. We’ve always worked together, from projects to trade shows to selling each other’s art, so this is a very natural progression, and it will make this process of working together much more efficient.”

Great Art Truly is a Game Changer For Your Space


ADC stands out with their expansive art inventory of local, regional, and national artists. Rombis says this move will enable her and Spanos to create more impactful and exquisite environments with art. She adds, “I’m excited about being at ADC, an environment that I feel very comfortable in. I love being surrounded by the art, but also the kind of people that creativity brings in. Great art truly is a game changer. It’s a critical component to more beautiful spaces, but also more creative and more productive spaces.”

Spanos, President of ADC, is thrilled about this partnership. “Bringing my sister on board will take ADC to the next level. Her enthusiasm, knowledge, and passion for art—along with her established and loyal clientele—is a win-win relationship for all of us.”

Rombis has worked as an art and design professional for 30 years, and Spanos for 26 years, so together they have close to 60 years of experience. As a colleague recently put it, Rombis and Spanos are a “Beautiful force for beauty!”


Let us Transform Your Life with Art

ADC, nationally recognized for their corporate art projects, has served many corporations and healthcare facilities across the country, and this merger seeks to expand Cincinnati’s love of fine art to the residential sector.

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