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Posted on 16 August 2011

Over the years my staff and I have hung thousands of pieces of artwork on the walls of galleries, homes, and offices. Many people believe this to be an incredibly daunting task and nearly impossible to accomplish with a single set of hands. Well I'm here to spill the secret that both framing and hanging artwork can be fast and easy! When it comes to framing many forget to have fun with it. This is your wakeup call—framing is yet another way to be creative and expressive. It’s my promise that choosing the right frame for you, your space and getting your artwork hung up on the wall can be completely stress free!


Know Your Options

When hanging your framed artwork it’s important to know all your options. You can hang a single piece to be the focal point, or create a collage-like wall to showcase your favorite frames, photos, or even a single artist’s series. Collage walls can be a fantastic way to display pieces you collect over the years— each piece specific to a time, place or story. The other great thing about hanging several framed photos together is that it can fill walls in larger rooms that seem too big to fill with just one piece. When doing a collage wall you can do all pieces in the same frame, or all different frames. Both achieve wonderful—yet different looks.


Creating a Collage

Not only does this technique spark conversation, mis-matching frames styles and sizes add character and life to a space. This creates an eclectic look, while still looking cohesive. Each frame is chosen particularly for the artwork it holds, rather than choosing a generic frame to play it safe with several different pieces. This collage technique is ideal for family photos, both new and old. It’s an artistic and efficient way to arrange your family tree, wedding photos, or photos of your favorite travels.


Go for a Great Frame

When deciding on a frame, consider the woodwork and finishes in your home. If you have silver fixtures, silver frames will unify the style of the space. If you have gorgeous beams highlighting the shape and height of your ceiling, tying in your frames will bring more attention to the architectural details of that room. If you have hardwood floors and white furniture, wood frames would also be a great way to bring that same warmth that’s in your floors, up onto the walls. However, if your walls are painted a dark color, try balancing it out with a light frame, creating interesting contrast and balance.


Think "Outside the Box"

Consider the impact of juxtaposition within a space when picking a style of frame. If your space is very modern, try a traditional frame with elaborate detail. If your space is traditional, try a more modern frame. Infusing two opposite styles within a room creates visual harmony and brings focus to the beautiful way in which different styles can collaborate to bring far more interest and personality to a space. If there are several colors being used within your space? Try simple black or white frames to break up and balance all the liveliness. If your room is mostly neutrals, try frames in a certain hue to add a pop of color to your walls or to tie in with a few other colorful details of your room like toss pillows or a glass vase.  Lastly, don’t limit yourself! Frames aren’t just for photos and paintings. Framing works on mirrors, memorabilia, and vintage or antique items. Often our small treasures that mean so much to us stay hidden away wrapped up in newspaper, stuffed in a box. If you love it—show it!

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