Making Art Work for the Work Environment

Making Art Work for the Work Environment

How selecting the right art for the office can transform the workspace.

Dave Kopecky is a senior facilities manager who sought out ADC’s help in placing art in a former corporate environment. On the surface, sourcing art for corporate clients sounds easy enough, but finding those just-right pieces of art when there are multiple people with multiple preferences involved can be challenging. In some cases, clients may not even know what they want or need, so it’s a process that can take time, listening, know-how, and nurturing. Here’s what Kopecky had to say about working with ADC and how this process unfolded to transform what was a generic workspace into a workspace that energized the atmosphere and brought employees together.

How did you find an art consultant?

“We found an art consultant through a recommendation from someone else Art Design Consultants (ADC) was doing work with. ADC’s gallery, which is very impressive, was across the street from our old office in Cincinnati, so it was a random connection, and ADC ended up consulting the artwork for six different office projects.”


How was it to work with an ADC art consultant?

“Working with an art consultant was great because Litsa listened to what we had in mind. You know art is obviously a very subjective thing, and hearing what we want, and then dealing with multiple personalities within our firm isn’t easy to do. It was very much a gradual process.

There’s a starting point where you’re not going to love all of it, and she suggested mixing up textures and colors and different styles. And once we started getting down to the specifics for styles we liked, then we looked at the floor plan and where it made sense to place the art.”



What was the process of selecting art like?

“I wouldn’t say it was a long process, but it was an in-depth process, which is what I wanted. Litsa and I met with artists and went to an their studios to look at the potential artwork. That was a really interesting and unique experience.”


How did art for the office transform the space?

“Before artwork, the office was kind of bland, a little bit generic. It’s like going to any other office with no personality and no defining characteristics.”

“The artwork that ADC selected for our office brightened and enlivened the atmosphere. The art made the workspace a place where you wanted to bring guests and customers, and you actually wanted to be there. A lot of times we pass by art and sort of ignore it, but if you pick the right art, it doesn’t get ignored. It gets noticed, and it brings people together.”


Would you recommend ADC to others?

“I would absolutely recommend ADC to others, and I have actually recommended ADC in the past. They’re great to work with. They know everything. Litsa’s willing to listen, and she’s willing to really take on the dirty work regardless of the art-choosing process. They made the installation process simple, they work with you, and make sure that it’s completed to your liking. It’s a fun and enjoyable process.”


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