How Original Art Can Transform Your World

How Original Art Can Transform Your World

One of the reasons I entered the art world and made it into a career is because I love to buy original artwork. My home and office are both filled with art. Why? Because nothing inspires me like art. Nothing transforms a room like art. I knew—even 25 years ago—that if I felt this way about the power of art—others would have this reaction as well.

Whether you’re a homeowner working on decorating project, an interior designer looking for the perfect piece for a client, or a business owner looking to liven up a tired workspace, one of the best ways to transform a room is by decorating with original art—paintings, sculpture, class, and furnishings.

Original art, or original fine art, isn’t “original” just because it’s creative—it’s original because it’s one-of-a-kind. Its opposite is something that is mass-produced (prints, posters, etc.). Though original art typically costs more than reproductions, there are plenty of good reasons why.  First of all, when you buy original art what you’re getting is rare. Just like you, your family, your business, your personality, there is nothing else like it. And the art you choose is a statement of your uniqueness. Art is also difficult to make and takes time.  Art represents your hard work. Like you, artists spend hours, days, months, and years working on a final product and perfecting their specific skillset. When you support an artist, you are essentially saying you support the same efforts you put into your life’s work. And finally, when you invest in original artwork, you are receiving an unmatched level of quality. There is absolutely no print or sculpture reproduction that will ever look as spectacular as an original. Color, texture, and vibrancy is at its best in an original piece of work.

I want to share a little secret: Buying original art isn’t just for the rich and famous. There are many ways to become an art buyer and collector of original, high-quality artwork. Galleries like mine offer artwork at affordable prices. It’s also not as complicated and difficult as it seems. Working with a gallery like ADC, we have expert in-house consultants that make selecting the perfect piece easy. And there are times of the year, like right now, that are excellent times to attend a gallery event and see the artwork in person. For example, this week we’re featuring new and award-winning artists during our Art Comes Alive Awards exhibit. We have hundreds of pieces from emerging and mid-career artists in all genres and price points.


This time of year is always like Christmas for me. All week long, we’ll be celebrating artists and the art they create, and it will culminate in an award show on Saturday, October 14th for artists. Our walls are full of new, gorgeous, and thought-provoking pieces that are just waiting to be taken home. (If you haven’t signed up for a sneak peek to view the work, you still can. And everyone is welcome to celebrate with us at the Awards Red Carpet Reveal After Party on Saturday. You can RSVP here.)

I hope you can join us and enjoy all of this incredible art!

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