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Posted on 03 October 2013

It has always been my goal to help artists succeed by consistently reminding them it's possible to have a full time, and flourishing career in fine art. The question I am asked the most in my line of work is "what exactly does an art dealer/consultant do?" This question motivated me to put together an educational series of blogs and email tips geared toward helping artists learn the ins & outs of the art business world. Litsa Working   This week I would like to explain the process of how an art consultant works on projects, step by step. This is a behind the scenes look at how art is selected and place for corporate projects. Josh Beeman Photography   1. First and foremost, we begin by meeting with the client to determine their art objectives. This could be a meeting with the designer, facilities manager, architect, or the end user. With this time we determine a theme; the overall "look and feel" of the space based on the company's personality and mission. Lastly we discuss the projected schedule, if their is a deadline to meet, and the project's budget. Litsa & Allison Discuss Art(1)   2. Next we review the floor-plan and specifications including a color board. Here we consider the scale of the walls, the colors used in the space and the style or image of that company to keep the overall branding image conducive. shutterstock_83704435   3. The step that follows is choosing the artwork to present to the client based on their objectives and budget. If necessary, we contact the artist to discuss what is available, or to discuss if custom pieces need to be made. It is ideal to always present a range of options to the client. 4. Once artwork is selected, we present the pieces to the client to be reviewed and to get their feedback. With their approval, together the final pieces for the project are decided upon. shutterstock_124547065   5. After all the artwork for the project is chosen, we present our client with a quote. 6. Once the quote is approved, we call the artists for any commissioned pieces with the projected deadline and works chosen by the client for the space. 7. To give a polished final look, we often frame the artwork for the client in our in-house, 2,000 square foot frame shop.


8. After all the framing is complete we deliver and install the artwork on site.


9. Once the project is completely installed and the client is happy with the final look, we invoice and sincerely thank them. 10. Last but not least, once payment is received from the client, we pay all the artists chosen for the project. (This is usually 30 days after the project is complete.)    

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