How an Unremarkable Space Becomes a Landmark With Art

image of a public art sculpture in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Patrice Goldberg is the Director of Interior Design for the award-winning Kisco Senior Living, a company that specializes in developing and managing full-service rental, senior-living communities that provide an enriched lifestyle. Goldberg, who first heard about ADC from an email campaign for Blink Art Resource, says she sought out ADC’s help in selecting and placing a sculpture at the front entrance of their La Posada Senior Living location in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

The artwork they ultimately chose, and which was commissioned as a contribution to the City of Palm Beach Gardens Art in Public Places program, is one of a series of sculptures created by Riis Burwell entitled “Spirit Form Emerging.” The piece weighs 1,200 lbs. It stands 12-1/2 feet high, and it’s designed to withstand winds of 250 mph. Burwell has said his inspiration for the series came from the events of September 11, 2001.


How was the process of selecting art?

Goldberg says, “The choices that ADC provided to us were vast, but it’s not like we struggled between a selection of endless options. We struggled to decide between many good options, and that was a good problem to have.”

As for the selection of Burwell’s sculpture, she says, “When we saw the image of Riis’ original sculpture, we knew that it would be a perfect representation of La Posada and the City of Palm Beach Gardens’ dynamic spirit. It is also a manifestation of our community’s multiple dimensions of wellness.”

She adds, “Kisco Senior Living communities are unique representations of mature life, and our goal was to provide a modern, sophisticated public art piece to reflect just that. This sculpture imparts a grace, dignity and balance that we want everyone to relate to in one form or another—though we understand everyone will interpret the work in their own way.”


How has the art transformed the space?

Goldberg says that “Spirit Form Emerging” certainly transforms the space, but it’s interesting in that one of the main compliments is that it looks like it’s always been there, “Which tells me the size it right, the style is right, and the location is good.”

She adds, “Before the space was functional and unremarkable, and now it’s a centerpiece. It’s a destination.”

“The initial reaction—the care and the adoption of the piece by the residents—was immediate,” Goldberg says. “It was carefully unveiled and presented and introduced to the community. They’re being handed over something that they will admire and take care of.”


Would you recommend ADC to others?

Goldberg says that she would recommend ADC because of the experiences and the breadth of resources presented during the process. “The end result of our collective experience was more than just a piece of art. The result was beautiful, but it’s not just a finished piece of art. It’s a process.”


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