How a House Became a Home with the Right Art

how to curate an art collection for your home

We recently helped John and Kerry Benevides in carefully selecting and installing art in their home. Building an art collection is personal and can be a lengthy process but we’re here to make it inspiring and enjoyable.


cincinnati art consultant Litsa Spanos with her clients sitting in front of a recently re-designed room and the contemporary artwork she selected

Why work with an art consultant?

As busy working professionals John and Kerry wanted to include a variety of styles and mediums in their home but didn’t have the time or the access to that type of artistic diversity.

“We wanted someone to curate our space, and when you start something that you have no experience in it can be a little daunting. An art consultant was something we didn’t realize we needed but completely appreciated afterward. We never would have come close to sourcing the type of artwork that now hangs in our home. And installation is so important!”


What was your experience like in working with ADC?

“We knew working with ADC as our art consultant that we would have an expert art insider who could select the right artwork for our home and personality. Litsa made the process painless and very enjoyable. She worked hard to find the perfect pieces for us. It was about the variety she brought us and how she listened to us.”

“We started with a blank slate. Litsa knew we needed more than great paintings. We needed sculptures, glass and more. We would have had a hard time finding great artwork for ourselves. We also appreciated having access to some of the artists and getting to know the meaning behind the art. It made the experience unique and memorable.”

a quote from john and Kerry Benevides about working with art design consultants on curating their art collection

The results of a carefully curated art collection.

“The art ADC selected made the house into a home. Our home. The art brings each room to life. During the selection process, Litsa made sure to pull in artwork with titles and stories that resonate with us personally. Now the artwork in our home easily brings conversation, smiles, and fun when we share their titles and anecdotes with family and guests.”

“Every piece we selected is exactly what we wanted. Everything is unique and different. It makes us happier.”




Artwork Highlights

artwork sourced by art design consultants for a private cilent

We love Ryan Kvande’s 3D kinetic sculptures. It draws you in. You want to interact with it because the shapes and lines are so interesting – and it moves!

contemporary artwork hanging in a living room sourced by art design consultants

Hammond Art’s “Poof” has a personal story to it that really resonates with us, so that will always be a special piece.

artwork hanging in a bedroom sourced by art consultants art design consultants

Karina Llergo’s “Embrace Yourself” makes you feel safe like a cocoon is wrapped around you. It’s comforting.


Complimentary Art Consultation

There are several reasons why hiring ADC as your art consultant makes sense—streamlined and easier process, familiarity with artists and their work, space assessment, professional and careful curation, and determination of artistic taste and goals. Whether you’re simply trying to update a space or going for that WOW! factor, ADC helps you determine the right art for your space and goals.



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