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Healthy & Happy Living

Posted on 10 October 2012

Ladies! Grab your girlfriends, sisters, daughters, mothers, and grandmothers and join us next week for GIRLS NIGHT OUT! Thursday, October 18 from 6-10 we are collaborating with the eWomen Network in hosting this fun & informative women’s event called “Destination Wellness” at ADC’s gallery in the sky. Proceeds from this event will go to The Pink Ribbon Girls, “The Love You Share” photo exhibition, and eWomen Foundation.   While enjoying wine & hors d’oeuvres, you’ll learn exciting ways to improve your life, health, and happiness. Guests will have the opportunity to see a moving photographic exhibit that showcases the immense love of a husband and wife that only grew deeper as they fought together the battle with cancer. This event has an incredible line up of local sponsors that can help you take the steps towards a healthier and happier you…  



Healthy Home

Expert green-living guru, Liz McGavran will speak on creating a healthy home, free of cancer causing chemicals.   Liz McGavran has been an interior designer for over 20 years. She has been studying and researching green lifestyle alternatives for many years and loves to share her knowledge with her clients. Thursday, take the “How Healthy is YOUR Home?” quiz to see how much you really know about how to green your home to have a healthy environment.  Knowledge is power only if you use it!  We have to take responsibility for our health by doing what we can in our homes to protect our families.  Small steps lead to big improvements in physical and mental well-being in the long run.   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="358" caption="Liz McGavran"][/caption]  

Cancer & the Role of Environment

Pediatrician and child neurologist, Dr. Jasleen Goel will speak on Cancer & the Role of the Environment to help you protect your family. “A pediatrician since 1984, I love children and find working with them extremely rewarding. My experience in pediatrics has spanned 4 different countries in three different continents, giving me a unique perspective on health, disease, lifestyle and environments. Whereas daily pediatric practice in the past was mainly infectious disease, pediatricians today are seeing a lot of  ADD, ADHD, autism, allergies, asthma and obesity - conditions that were rare or unheard of 30 years ago- conditions that are now increasingly linked to the environment. A growing understanding that much adult disease has its origins in fetal life is making the pediatrician's role even wider- that of preventing adult disease. Breast cancer is one such condition. It is far commoner than it was in the past, and concerns about the role of early life exposure to environmental estrogens are growing within the scientific community.  It is imperative that we do what we can, to provide a healthy environment for our children to grow in.”  



Free Yourself from Self-Judgment

Amy Ostenkamp is on a mission to help women who have “hit the wall” and are fed up with obsessive workouts, counting calories, and too tight pants to find balance, energy and freedom. Amy’s lived through this dieting struggle and came out the other side.  Now she has more time to do the things she loves AND peace of mind. Today, Amy’s program, Fit Freedom, leads women through a powerful 6-step process that takes off the weight and frees them to eat and exercise with balance and reclaim their lives and dreams.   “I love nothing more than using my experience and telling my truth to help free others from self-judgment, diving criticism, and unhealthy behaviors.  I’ve walked that path and it doesn’t end well. I was that overweight child who was picked on. Low self-esteem drove me to depression, drug use, a bad relationship and a teenage pregnancy. My mission is to help women feel better about themselves from the inside out. Because I know when you change a mother or wife you change the family” [caption id="attachment_2665" align="aligncenter" width="407" caption="Amy Ostenkamp"][/caption]  

The Importance in Choosing the Right Supplements

Gwen Pietzuch is a 10 year breast cancer survivor.  She was diagnosed in October 2002, and while undergoing treatment, learned that she had a BRCAII mutation so upon completing 8 chemo treatments, Gwen had surgery to remove both breasts and underwent a complete hysterectomy. [caption id="attachment_2667" align="aligncenter" width="387" caption="Gwen Pietzuch"][/caption]   On a quest to protect and maintain her health, Gwen did extensive research regarding nutritional supplements, and became an Independent Consultant with USANA Health Sciences in 2003 and now wants to share her knowledge with you!   There will be great sponsors with valuable information and available products to help you on your journey to a healthier life!  Learn all about how your home environment and how what you put in and on your body affects your health, especially that of babies and children—all while supporting three great causes! It’s also the last day for designer, Tina DeLorenzo’s designer showroom—so if you missed it, come to this exciting event and witnesses her design first hand! All the pieces in Tina's room are for sale through her Etsy Shop & anything that sells the night of the Destination Wellness event October 18, Tina is generously donating 10% to The Pink Ribbon Girls.  


See you next Thursday!  

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