Healing with Art: Cincinnati Children's

Healing with Art: Cincinnati Children's

Art Design Consultants is thrilled to partner with Cincinnati Children's, one of the oldest and most distinguished pediatric hospitals in the nation, on their new construction! We’ve done business with Cincinnati Children's for nearly half a decade, but most recently our senior art consultant Allison Banzhaf completed an extensive art consulting project for the Clinical Sciences Pavilion in collaboration with Kolar Design. In sum, the project includes over 600 works of art.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Clinical Sciences Pavilion

Kolar Design led the branded experience development for the building including the artwork curatorial vision oversaw the integration of twenty-three passionate and creative design partners, including Art Design Consultants, to outfit the Clinical Sciences Pavilion with art. Art Design Consultants also provided all of the framing and installation for the collection.

Allison Banzhaf, Senior Art Consultant, Art Design Consultants (ADC)

As Senior Art Consultant her job entails project time projection, helping clients choose the right artwork & custom/contract framing, and seeing each client through to the day of delivery and installation. Allison has been our leading lady for consistently bringing in new projects and new clients for the past ten years.

It was Allison who cultivated and nurtured the relationship with Cincinnati Children's and Kolar Design over the past five years, coordinating artwork selection and framing for the hospital. We’re excited to share what an amazing job they did together with the Clinical Sciences Pavilion! Just wait until you see the artwork!


Artwork selection for a new build is a very involved process and starts months, if not years, before the location of a site is complete. This was the case for the Clinical Sciences Pavilion, which took over three years to construct. But where to even begin selecting artwork for a 15 story, 450,000 square foot building?

Most often organizations reinforce their brand in subtle ways throughout the location, the most popular being through paint color. But artwork is another great way to communicate a message about the company without words.

The Clinical Sciences Pavilion features more than 600 pieces of artwork, over 200 of which are one-of-a-kind, research-themed pieces created through community engagement sessions by staff, patients and families, students, and community members. The remaining half of the artworks were created by local, national and international artists. While the bones of the building were being raised, Allison worked diligently with Kolar Design and on artist selection for 31 of these professional works.

Allison Banzhaf, Senior Art Consultant working on healthcare art installation planning for Art Design Consultants (ADC)

It takes a skilled eye to understand color and dimensions, select artist and artworks for a proposal with just an architectural floor plan.

Hours of research went into finding exactly the right artists that had unique and engaging works to match the Science inspired theme. It’s time spent reviewing websites and artist statements, examining their color palettes and textures, and working with artists on available inventory and commissioned works.

Each of the works selected by ADC were commissioned by artists sourced from ADC's own Blink Art Resource. The largest work is a colorful perforated aluminum sculpture by Shelley Parriott that greets guests with bright colors as they enter the building.

Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center - corporate art installation by Art Design Consultants (ADC). Artwork by Shelley Parriott

Artwork by Shelley Parriott


The Clinical Sciences Pavilion nests between the hospital’s main clinical care center and the research tower. This positioning is symbolic and functional, and reflects Cincinnati Children’s mission to connect researchers and clinicians for more collaborations and faster translation of innovations from the lab bench to a patient’s bedside.

Cincinnati Children's and Kolar Design had a united vision for the project: “While the origin of each piece is unique and varied, the goal is the same: inspire the collaborative effort of researchers and clinicians in their pursuit of advancing medicine."

Artwork chosen to reflect this curatorial vision resembles microscopic views of organic shapes, swirling plasma, or petri-dishes glowing with electric color. Yes, there is even petri-dish art, which was perfect for this project! The amorphous forms in the artwork seemingly float on the walls only contained by their frames.

ADC Childrens Hospital 01

Artwork by Randy Walker

ADC Childrens Hospital 17

Artwork by Riad Miah

ADC Childrens Hospital 18

Artwork by Ruth Wartman


Artwork by Banz Studios





Artwork by Rebecca Kamen


Not only did Allison do a fantastic job on artwork selection with the team of designers, but she also contracted the framing of 600+ works! This isn’t always the easiest. As artists experiment with different materials and creative expressions they often move away from the standard square canvas. They create beautiful works that are challenging to displayed.

As art consultants we’re not only creative, but also problem solvers. We not only consider the artwork, but we also have to consider form and functionality of the piece in a space.

That’s where Art Design Consultants’ expertise comes in. To achieve the aesthetic needed for this particular piece (above), Allison worked with our master framers to create a custom fixture with a plexi-glass box and support backing to showcase the work’s delicate form and invite conversation. Rather than recessing the piece in a shadow box, this design opens up the room and radiates color. This is just one of the many creative solutions employed during the project.


From the “State of the Field Report: Arts in Healthcare,” artwork has proven to  be a therapeutic healing tool to not only cultivate a positive environment for patients, especially children, through color and engagement, but also to aid in their physical, mental and emotional recovering, including relieving anxiety and decreasing the perception of pain. There is also a significant impact artwork has on staff members. It reduces caregiver stress which greatly influences the effectiveness in providing care, reducing errors and improving job satisfaction.

There is still a great need for healthcare facilities from doctors’ offices and retirement homes to dentistry practices and physical therapy centers to include artwork in their spaces to increase wellness and happiness in their patients. Whether the patient is in long-term care or waiting for a short period before seeing a doctor, the impact of an art-filled environment still has tremendous effects that brighten and uplift.


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