Happy Father's Day!

Posted on 13 June 2013

Last year we dedicated a blog to our loving mothers; the superhuman powers they seem to possess and how it impacted each of us as their children. This year, we’d like to do the same thing for our fathers…   I’ll begin with my father… My dad… what can I say?  Without his decision to move to American from a tiny farm village in Northern Greece (pop 800) in 1967, I wouldn’t be where I am now – doing what I love. Although he’s soft spoken and gentle in nature, his decisions in life have been strong.  He’s an entrepreneur, a risk taker and our “rock”.  I’m so lucky to have a father who has always put myself, my sister and mother first.  He just recently celebrated his 80th birthday – most people think he’s 60 – yet he is full of life, positive energy and enthusiasm.  Thank you dad for coming in every Monday to work in our gallery frame shop, bring me lunch and give me hugs and kisses.  Se agapo! (I love you in Greek)   [caption id="attachment_5535" align="aligncenter" width="467"]Litsa and Dad My family in 1965. I’m the short one holding hands with my dad[/caption]   Hi, everyone! This is Kelly, Marketing Manager at ADC. It’s really hard to know where to begin. When I think about my dad my heart is full. My father never ceases to show me love, whether it is through goofy banter, sincere words of wisdom, or reminding me of the importance in pursuing Christ. He is the ultimate example of what every man should strive to be; reliable and steady, gentle and caring, witty, and smart. He gave me the greatest gift by showing me what a man truly loving a woman looks like. The way he loves my mother taught me what marriage is intended to be.   Me & Dad   Apart from being an example and teacher, my dad is just a plain ol’ good time. He is incredibly funny and always knows what to say to make me laugh. At times it is uncanny how similarly our brains are wired. My father once said, “I never knew when my kids grew up they’d become my best friends.” To be honest, even if he weren’t my dad I’d still want to be his best friend too. Lucky for me, he’s both. Love you with all my heart, Dad. I'll always be your BB, Rie Rie, and whatever other goofy nicknames you create in the future. ;)  

Your Turn

Send in a short write up about your father and be featured on our Facebook page and blog next week! Just email your story and a photo of you and your dad to us here and stay tuned for a feature on YOUR father! ch6

To all our fathers out there... HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

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