Happy Birthday, America! Tried, True, Red, White & Blue

Happy Birthday, America! Tried, True, Red, White & Blue

In honor of the United States celebration of Independence Day this week we thought it would be fun to celebrate artists who follow their free and unbridled spirits as they set out to create works that fill the world with their energy, spirit, and color—of the red, white, and blue variety, of course.

RED: Robin Apple’s “Let There Be Mustang”

What says Fourth of July, parades, picnics, and hot dogs on the grill like a classic red Mustang? Robin Apple “Let there Be Mustang” is an All-American photograph that is both nostalgic and cutting edge—like America itself. One-part old (subject) one part-new (media), Robin’s photographs are a result of ingenious play with digital photography. She uses her iPhone to capture ordinary moments in her life to transform them into into whimsical and colorful expressions. In a word: Fun. When you see this piece you want to turn up the radio, queue your summer tunes playlist, roll-down the window, let the wind blow through your hair and go for a ride: Fourth-of-July style.



WHITE: Brian Huber’s “Lake Bourgne Braided Series”

Brian Huber’s work is a tip of the hat to his All-American Jazz and Blues roots of his youth. The beloved American music genres inspired him to recreate the rhythmic motions and movements and repetition found in most of his mixed-media paintings, like this work—an acrylic on panel.  Get out your Dave Brubrek album, turn it up, and “Take Five” with your feet up as you get lost in the melody with a nice cool cocktail in hand. Cheers!



BLUE: Micheal Carini “As the Universe Falls Together”

Headed out see to the fireworks with friends or family this week? Nothing says Fourth of July like seeing the explosion of light, sound, and color in the night sky. And nothing says Michael Carini like the explosion of color that creates what he calls an acrylic alchemy. His labyrinthine artwork invites you to lose yourself—if only for a little while—so that you can come to discover a new sense of self in the process. Like the United States did on July 4th, Michael’s work is all about declaring your own independence. He says, “With each piece I create, I want to provide hope and inspiration to those who are also on the quest to discover their own voice.”

Richly defined and infused with passion and energy, each and every piece is truly a statement of freedom and unbridled spirit. Let’s hear it for the Red, White, and Blue!


Happy Birthday, U.S.A.! From everyone here at ADC, we hope you enjoy your holiday!

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