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Fusion of Fine Art and Contemporary Design

Posted on 18 February 2019

If you’ve been following ADC for a while, then you know we’re all about great design and artwork’s ability to transform a space. And our clients Adam and Abby know a thing or two about this themselves.

Adam, the owner of Encompass Woodworking, creates gorgeous, clean-lined pieces of handmade furniture, art, and custom-built home features. His wife Abby, who works in the insurance industry, puts the theory to bed that you must work in a creative field to appreciate good design and great art!  

This passion led them to start collecting artwork early in their relationship. With close to a decade of collecting artwork from artists that inspire them, from their numerous travels, they took their love of design and art a step further to design their own home.



What they needed

Most people think art consultants come in at the very end of a design project to select and source artwork, but the true magic happens when we’re the first ones on the scene. In this case, we began working with Adam and Abby two years before they completed construction on their contemporary home.

A larger home meant more walls and an opportunity to grow their art collection. They knew they wanted to add to their collection in a meaningful way, that’s why they turned to ADC for help sourcing original artwork.  It’s easy to go online and buy a mass-produced print, but what type of story does it tell…what meaning does it have?

Here's a fun little outtake from the shoot that really highlights Adam and Abby's all-encompassing love of design! 


How we did it

Thanks to our art sourcebook Blink Art Resource and our annual art competition and exhibition Art Comes Alive we have access to some of the country’s most talented artists who are working in a variety of mediums.

Because of our gallery’s ability to display works from hundreds of artists, Adam and Abby never had to compromise their integrity for great design and desire to collect meaningful artwork.  

Bee Happy, by Diane Naylor, an award-winning artist from ACA, holds special significance for Adam as his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were all beekeepers. As soon as they saw the piece, they knew they had to have it for their home. Another piece that deeply resonated with the couple was Rock, Paper, Scissors. To pass time in the car as a child during family vacations Abby would play rock, paper, scissors with her brothers.


The Final Result

Despite the art having been selected first, the work is a perfect match and becomes an extension of the modern interior architecture and Adam’s fine custom woodworking. This indisputable symmetry begs the question, “Can one really exist without the other?” We say, no way! This holistic thinking allowed Adam and Abby to create a stunning home and paid tribute to great design that’s very meaningful to them as a couple.


Need your space transformed?

There are several reasons why hiring ADC as your art consultant makes sense—streamlined and easier process, familiarity with artists and their work, space assessment, professional and careful curation, and determination of artistic taste and goals. Whether you’re simply trying to update a space or going for that WOW! factor, ADC helps you determine the right art for your space and goals.


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