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Posted on 19 April 2011

Think the only people “going green” are tree huggers and vegetarians? Well, think again. As sustainable design becomes more and more popular, I’m frequently asked by friends and clients, “How can the art I choose be environmentally friendly?”  


green design, eco friendly, artwork, sustainable, generation to generation Although it may seem an overly simple notion, original artwork rarely gets thrown away. Instead, it gets passed down from generation to generation as a prized family heirloom. You can’t get any more eco-friendly than that! Recycling artwork—even if only for nostalgia’s sake—is still thinking ‘green.'


When designing green, don’t just design ‘eco’— design ‘eco chic!” There is no need to compromise quality artwork for sustainable artwork. Get the best of both worlds! One of my favorite artists, Ursula Brenner, uses “green” materials such as beeswax and recycled birch or maple wood panels to create her encaustic paintings. The deep boxes she uses as her canvas are “made from sustainable forest products that ensure the protection of wildlife, plants, soil, and water.” The outcome is not only beautiful, richly textured artwork, but you can feel good knowing her choice of materials have been chosen carefully and are environmentally friendly. Ursula Brenner, Encaustics, Painting, Paint, Wall Art, Bees wax, natural wood, green, environmentally, eco friendly, artwork, art, design

Ursula Brenner, Painting, Encaustic, Bees Wax, wall art, art, fine art, ADC Inc, Art Design Consultants, green design, eco friendly, sustainable, earth

Go to  to see more of Ursula Brenner’s artwork.  


Ken Rausch, Copper, Art, Artwork, Metal, Wall Art, Colorful, Texture, Fine Art, ADC Inc., Art Design Consultants, CincinnatiAs a kid, it was always so exciting to discover a shiny copper penny lying in the street. (“Find a penny pick it up, then all day you’ll have good luck!”) Lately, I have been completely infatuated with copper artwork, just like a kid with a penny. Copper artwork works gorgeously in both indoor and outdoor spaces (and in my personal opinion will bring you much more than just a day’s worth of luck) Imagine my excitement when I learn that copper is one of earth’s most sustainable materials—100% recyclable!  No other metal on earth compares to that! [caption id="attachment_81" align="aligncenter" width="585" caption="Copper is perfect for a bathroom!"]Ken Rausch, Copper, Copper art, metal art, artwork, fine art, bathroom art, bathroom, colorful, wall art[/caption]

The artwork by this artist, Ken Rausch, has an “earthy” appeal, yet is rich in color. He uses heat, acids, and colored pigments to create copper works that are sure to add dimension to any room.  Check out more of Ken Raush’s unique work at

  [caption id="attachment_90" align="aligncenter" width="460" caption="Fantastic for indoor AND outdoor spaces"]outdoor art, patio art, copper, art, artwork, sculpture, wall art, color, eco, sustainable, sustainability, green, design[/caption]   Copper art, metal art, sculpture, wall art, colorful, shape, indoor, outdoor, eco, friendly, sustainable, design, green, green design, earth



Fotiou Frames, one of our favorite manufacturers, creates beautiful and classic frames made in Italy and Spain. Beyond being incredibly rich in color and quality, they are also (drum roll please) eco-friendly! Their factory works with wood such as bamboo, exotic limber veneer, cherry, olive and maple. fotiou, frames, framing, artwork, art, modern, green, design, eco, sustainable, eco-friendly, eco friendly, bamboo, natural, wood, frames, framing, framer Their best seller (for obvious reasons!), the “Mozart” frame, works flawlessly in both traditional and contemporary spaces. It’s available in four finishes (black, white, mahogany, and grey). It comes in three different width sizes to accommodate all styles and scales of artwork.  It’s also a stunning choice for mirrors and has many custom “enhancers” that fit perfectly within the inner lip of the frame. Theses enhancers can change the look dramatically and come in different colors and finishes. Very versatile! Who doesn’t love having options?! fotiou, frames, framing, art, artwork, green, eco, sustainable, bamboo, natural, earth, design, framer Another environmentally friendly frame that I absolutely love, is the stunning black bamboo 4” Veneer, It’s incredibly sleek, but still has a natural feel with a buffed waxed surface. You can also use the “stackable” enhancers with this frame too. It comes in three different colors to enhance virtually any style of art.



Above all, what I will never fail to express to friends and clients determined to go green is that you do not (I repeat, you do not) have to compromise style to be kind to the environment. So go—be green. Be chic. Lastly, after your design is complete and you’re head over heels in love with the final look, if you feel so inclined as to thank Mother Nature, go ahead and hug a tree.

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