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Don't Take Our Word For It...

Posted on 05 April 2013


  Hello artists! Maybe you've heard of...and, heck, even considered entering Art Comes Alive 2013. If you've looked around our website, you know we are the annual host of this competition, and perhaps you have convinced yourself your artwork is too "different" from what you see on our site. Perhaps you've said, "I work in sculpture...I didn't see much sculpture" or "I do glass work...traditional and figurative paintings and I didn't see enough of that medium on" Well, I want to remind you that we, ADC, are merely one of fifteen different jurors giving out awards (gallery contracts, publishing, and representations awards, etc.) Some of the most prestigious names in the art business...from all over the nation... are looking for NEW artwork! And we want to see what you can do! But, don't take our word for it. Today, we want to share with you testimonials from last year's competition. These artists and sponsors know first hand what ACA has to offer. And this year, we have even more! More sponsors, more jurors, and more awards!  

Tom Towhey, 2012's Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Tom Towhey Testimonial Header “Last year, I received the Life Time Achievement Award (Male) from the ADC Gallery. I was truly honored, and quite frankly, shocked considering some of the great artists represented by the gallery. The life of an artist is a curious one, and to think that you could be recognized for a life time of obsession, self-deception, and improvisation is an amazing thing. It’s hard to explain the feeling I had when I won; I was overwhelmed by emotion. To think (wow)…all those years alone in the studio, living a life you would not wish on anyone, yet one you would not trade for anything in the world…painting away, never knowing where that road is leading, and wondering if anyone is paying attention…wondering if what you do even matters. Somehow, the award seemed to validate my many years of endeavors and restored my faith in the wisdom of my career choice!”  -Tom Towhey


Randy Wilcox, Purchase Award & Larson Juhl Moulding $1000 Framing Gift Certificate Winner

Randy Wilcox Testimonial Header “ACA 2012 was such a surprising event for me as an artist. From the moment I walked in, I knew the evening was going to be fun and hopefully full of surprises. I’ve wanted to be a part of having my work shown in this amazing space since we moved to Cincinnati in 2010. ACA 2012 provided that opportunity. Litsa and her team do an amazing job of making sure every detail is done right. From the event layout, the showcasing of the artwork to the catering, you feel like you’re important. As far as the surprises went, I won two awards that night. One was a purchase award and the other was the Larson Juhl Moulding $1000 Framing Gift Certificate. I’m already looking forward to this year’s event!” -Randy Wilcox  

Jack Hillman, ACA Sculptor

Jack-Hillman-Testimonial “I’ve been thinking a lot about the Art Comes Alive show and how much it meant to my career growth. The ACA awards show was of the highest quality and it gave me confidence, credibility, and momentum as I approached new galleries. In just one and a half weeks I had four new galleries express interest in carrying my work! Your energetic promotion of all things artistic is fantastic. I’ve been an extremely busy artist since the show, so THANK YOU!” -Jack Hillman  

J Douglas, Purchase Award Winner

J douglas testimonial header "In 2012, I drove to the ACA show from Virginia. I was nervous because I really didn’t know what to expect. I rode up the elevator and overheard a man talk about how he had designed the gallery (only to find out later that he had BOUGHT my painting.) I then met Litsa and her warm staff. I was overwhelmed by the quality and diversity of art. I was so proud to be a part of this amazing show. From the moment I walked through the front door until the end of the evening my excitement continued to rise. I can’t wait to be a part of this show every year!” - J Douglas  

Bob Gheradi, ACA Artist

Bob-Gherardi-Testimonial “I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be a part of such an exciting evening at your gallery. It was an honor and privilege to be included among such talented artists and their works. It was an evening my wife and I enjoyed immensely.”  -Bob Gheradi  

Stacie Seuberling, Purchase Award Winner

Stacie-Seuberling-Testimonial “When I was given a purchase award from National City Bank at the last ACA competition, I was absolutely ecstatic! It was an incredible validation of my work to win, but knowing that a major corporation wanted to add something of mine to their collection was so exciting. And it didn’t stop there. Even after the competition they came back and purchased more of my work, a total of five pieces!” -Stacie Seuberling  

Rocky Woods, Purchase Award Winner

Rocky-Woods-Testimonial “The awards ceremony was, to say the least, thrilling. I was elated! I won two awards and the exposure led to several more sales! The turn out was fantastic- and every year the ACA competition gets broader, offering even more awards and recognition!” -Rocky Woods  

Nick Stamas, 2012 Figurative Artist of the Year

Nick Stamas Testimonial Header “When my wife and I arrived, the room was electric…energy was so amazing! All of the artwork on the walls was of such great quality, it was thrilling to just be in that company, let alone be presented with an award. I am humbled to receive any honor, and was proud but a bit shy to walk up and be presented, because as a lifetime artist, I never think my work is good enough to be judged so kindly. I will be a part of ADC as long as Litsa is there doing her phenomenal work!” -Nick Stamas  

Tom Owen, 2012 Gallery Contract Winner

Tom Owen Testimonial Header “I was thrilled to be a part of ACA in 2012.  It was exciting to be a part of such gathering of well-established local artists. It proved to be the impetus I needed to refocus my work and creative energies.” -Tom Owen  

Diane Surette, Sponsor

Diane Surette ACA Testimonial Header "Burke, Inc. was a Purchase Award Sponsor for Art Comes Alive 2012 and I had the distinct pleasure of serving as Burke’s representative at the event.  It was a vibrant evening filled with conversation, laughter and celebration.  During the course of the evening, I met the recipient of our award, Terri Albanese.  Now, her artwork hangs in our headquarters building and I have wonderful memories of an unforgettable evening spent with the person who so thoughtfully created it. Everything about the event was top notch, from the ambiance, to the food, to the beautiful artwork lining the walls.  My husband and I both thoroughly enjoyed the event, meeting new people and learning about new artists. ADC did an outstanding job of bringing the art community together with people who love art." -Diane Surette  

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