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Posted on 06 December 2012

On November 27 we celebrated the unveiling of the final showroom, "Wardrobe Wonderland," of our 2012 Cincinnati Design Star series...and wow, did we end this year with a bang! Evolo Design created a luxurious, decadent and feminine space that Barbie herself would be envious of! Their inspiration—a mid-century New York City socialite's wardrobe motivated them to create a world of poise, glamour, and sophistication in a once empty space. Through brilliant combinations of sparkle & glitz mixed with clean lines and classic french furnishings this room strikes the perfect balance. The soft gray of the walls with white & fuchsia accents, worked together to create a fresh, bold, and flirty wardrobe. [caption id="attachment_2844" align="aligncenter" width="415" caption="Me with the talented Evolo Design team!"][/caption]   This room featured two fabulous ADC artists, Lisa Schuster & Jeannine Dostal. Lisa Schuster uses playful brushwork in both her floral and abstracts works. The contrast of the bright red flowers against a white background worked seamlessly with this feminine design and complimented Dostal's abstracts that were displayed on the opposite wall. [caption id="attachment_2845" align="aligncenter" width="369" caption="Lisa Schuster and I posing in front of her beautiful painting."][/caption]   Jeannine Dostal's artworks are bright, fun, and play beautifully with light. Her mixed media works incorporate metallic flex of gold and silver that shimmer and sparkle. Her two pieces featured in the showroom, "Chakra I & II" are a stunning mixture of rich fuchsia and red along with a high gloss finish that makes for a polished, vibrant, and elegant series.
[caption id="attachment_2879" align="aligncenter" width="375" caption="Jeannine poses alongside her artwork."][/caption]
  After seeing so many unique and gorgeous designs go through this space, I have learned to always notice the beauty and thought these designers put into the details—and how those details work together to bring balance and harmony to the space. These combinations work well together because of their juxtaposition...wood & metallics....shine & matte finishes...masculine & feminine...soft & bold colors...geometric & organic shapes. I was feeling so inspired I felt the need to share with you these timeless combos in a few photographs.


A big 'thank you' to Evolo Design for bringing their spectacular vision to life and to all the wonderful vendors showcased in the room!

Orange Chair – Upholstery of ottoman & chairs Keidel –Chandelier & sconces Drapery Stitch –Window Treatments House of France –Armoire & table lamps Rug Gallery –Rug Timothy's Florals -Floral Arrangement Did you miss the unveiling? Come to ADC to see Wardrobe Wonderland, live & in person now through the end of December! Monday-Friday from 9-5're welcome to drop in any time!  

Click here to see more photos from this event!

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