Contemporary artwork paves the way for creativity and productivity in the office: Brian's Story

Contemporary artwork paves the way for creativity and productivity in the office: Brian's Story

VonLehman CPA and Advisory Firm is regarded as one of the largest private CPA and advisory firms in the region with offices in Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, and Indiana. The accounting firm was initially launched as a one-person practice in 1946, and over the years it has grown to employ over 120 people.

Brian Malthouse, president at VonLehman, knows that art has transformative powers, and he also recognizes that art can be used to revive or bring new energy into office spaces. Two years ago, Brian reached out to ADC for help to find lively, transformative, and original works of art for the office. He enjoyed his experience so much VonLehman was one of the presenting purchase award partners for ADC's annual art competition and exhibition Art Comes Alive (ACA)

an image of Litsa spanos and Brian malthouse in front of office artwork at VonLehman

What is art doing for your office? 

“It's not every day when you can think of a CPA and advisory firm as creative. The artwork Art Design Consultants selected instills a sense of ingenuity and originality, so it’s differentiating us from a typical CPA firm.”


“Art moves people, and it should! There’s not one person, client or employee, who has walked in here that hasn’t said something positive about the art. The artwork we have in the office is inspirational and sets us apart from a general office environment. If you can enliven a space with beautiful, creative art, it generates energy that gets you through the day. I've witnessed it. Our office is recharged and more productive.”


Why choose original art over art prints?

“We love the idea of giving back to the creative community and showing our appreciation for artists, and everything was a good value for the high quality of art received.”


Why select ADC Fine Art as your art consultant?

“ADC got a sense of our personality and how we wanted to be viewed by clients, and what we were trying to accomplish in our organization. They “read” us and listened to us, which resulted in an incredible collection of original artwork for our office.”


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