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Posted on 30 January 2014

A Day in the Life of an Art Consultant

Sometimes to find that perfect work of art for a client -corporate or residential- it takes a one-of-a-kind commissioned piece to get it 'just right.' A work of art made specifically for the style and personality of a space- as well as the style and personality of the people who live and work in that space every day- is customized and tailored to capture the vision your client walked in the door with.


Designer looking through Blink


It usually begins with a phone call. In this instance a call from the assistant of a GE Executive looking for the perfect work of art for their sleek and modern office that is a clean, crisp combination of white and gray.

Office needs artwork


Next comes a visit to the space, and an exchange of swatches...fabric from the chairs, a sample of tiles from the floors, little pieces of the picture to help us find the work of art the client will love (and that will, of course, look fabulous in the space!)

swatches fabric tiles


This is the part in the process where we begin to compile artwork and artists- both locally and nationally- that work in a contemporary and minimalistic style that the client is seeking. Once all the artwork has arrived to the gallery, a presentation to the client is scheduled.

It was at this point in time that GE chose artist, Jeannine Dostal's artwork for it's sophisticated finish, unique medium, alluring sparkle and texture. To get the size and color just right, they decided to commission the piece from Jeannine, who then made small samples to provide them choices for the final look.

Jeannine Dostal's artwork



After they were presented with the samples, one was chosen to be the final, large piece. And so, Jeannine got to work on her first all white work of art!

photo 3-B Jeannine Dostal


After the work was complete and a frame was chosen, our ADC framers helped complete the look with a simple silver moulding.

framed silver mouldingIMG_9592


Lastly, we schedule a time to install the piece! And, voila!

GE Before & After Installed Artwork Office Artwork

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