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Colors that WOW!

Posted on 06 December 2011

PPG Porter Paints held an event at the Art Design Consultants gallery for Cincinnati designers to listen to a presentation about the 2011 and 2012 color trends for commercial spaces. Ruthanne Hamlon, PPG National Color and Design Consultant, spoke with confidence, passion, and playfulness about the in-style colors of this season and the next. Ruthanne also discussed what emotions, moods, and energies these colors evoke—helping designers create the specific atmosphere their clients are looking for. Her presentation was entertaining and incredibly informative! We at ADC feel so privileged to be ‘in the know’ with this designer-exclusive info! (and, yes, we’re sharing it with you!)  

Today’s Top Trends

2011 Color Trends Instinct “It fuses the ancient, mythological, raw, and the primitive with a highly technical modern-day aesthetic. Instinct belongs to a citizen of the world with grown-up tastes and could be simply described as a mix of ethnic exoticism and modern sophistication.” Kitchen, Design, Interior Design, Modern Kitchen

  Glamour “Glistening metallics and intricate motifs invite to a sophisticated decor. With a contemporary perspective, it lets us bring to life a new gold standard connecting the past with the present.” Interior Design, Fuschia, Glamourous Design, Feminine Design, Sexy Design   New Bohemia “A whimsical sense of design, and a rebirth of craft… New Bohemia is a pastoral trend that blends bucolic elements with second-hand objects for an authentic look that updates the vintage aesthetic for a contemporary age. The composition of floral inspiration, mix of modern and craft with a feminine touch transforms the place in an original but authentic home.”   Bohemian, Interior Design, Colorful Interior Design, Feminine Design, Floral Decorations   Upcycle “Is about living simply… It offers an honest yet elegant way of life. It is a philosophy steeped in the human desire for clarity, function and craftsmanship that refuses waste and love to reclaim the beauty of things past.” Interior Design, Masculine Colors, Masculine Design, Library, Simple Design


Foresee a Bright Future

2012 Color Trends Local Revival “We are starting to think closer, simpler, more familiar again and eventually, it might get easier and less expensive. We are switching off from the virtual reality to be better connected to the real world; fresh local food, the rhythm of the seasons, the material of the region. Our growing desire of unplugging from a complicated life generates a desire for proximity and for autonomy. The aesthetic focus on what is simple and local. A strong folkloric flavour influences the color palette and tells us stories of the community passed through generation like a good jam recipe. Made of a mix of red berries, a modest muted stone color neutral, a warm creamy white all-together anchored by a solid reliable brown.” Interior Design, Modern Interior Design, Fuschia, Gray Interior Design, Modern Art, Colorful Design     Beauty Queen “The context of this theme is HIGHLY social where the decor is a scene for fun and for the pleasure of a bit of extravagance. Glamorous and bold, it channels the spirit of a mix of 70s and 80s. This is the decor of a strong unapologetically confident woman or of a suave and charming man. To create the atmosphere of the Beauty Queen decor, we composed a very feminine palette. Bold pink and Purple have been paired with a softened white, a subtle cosmetic pink and an aqua blue. They easily could be used against black or grey” Interior Design, Feminine Design, Tiffany's Blue Interior Design, Light Pink Design   Deco Candy “Vibrant colors and fun design are making of your home a joyful playground. This chromatic trend of bright color blocking is all about energy and optimism. Stripes and color-coded design are bringing a sense of organization to what could otherwise be simply a boisterous spectrum of joyous hues. Deco candy is a bold harmony of citrus accented by a new playful blue. Yellow is the dominant player, it gives the color scheme that irresistible happy face effect. A dynamic combo to be used associated with more placid white and black.” Interior Decorating Ideas, Interior Design, Art Deco Interior Design, Colorful Interior Design, Retro Interior Design, Apartment Interior Design   Quiet Tech “It describes a Design movement that foregoes of conspicuous display of status for understated chic, it marries beauty with efficiency. It is a philosophy that puts technology and design at the service of simple intuition. An understated chic is achieved with a fine balance of softened whites, calming neutrals, and accents of indigo blue. Softened whites have a more calming effect than stark whites and are neutral enough to pair easily with dark and mid tones indigo blues, and with calming neutrals like a light gray and pale wood tones.” Interior Design, Masculine Interior Design, Blue Interior Design, Neutrals Interior Design, Modern Interior Design, Urban Interior Design, Cool Interior Design

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