Blank Walls Get a Color Upgrade with Artwork

Blank Walls Get a Color Upgrade with Artwork

an image of Litsa Spanos, curating artwork for a corporate art collection

Building a Corporate Art Collection

In the midst of building out their new credit union, the UK Federal Credit Union intentionally designed the layout to include large open spaces with wide, white walls. The new high-design building is gorgeous, but they just knew a key design element was missing to accentuate the space – art. The true challenge was selecting what type of art should occupy those spaces.


“We really wanted to incorporate colorful artwork into the space from reputable artists. The accessibility and abundance of art online is vast, so building a corporate art collection can be overwhelming.” - Kathy Begley, VP of Operations and Credit

How ADC Selected Art for Their Credit Union

“Art Design Consultants came highly recommended by our architect and we loved what Litsa showed us from the beginning. She really understood the look we were going for and made that happen with her knowledge and extensive access to artists from across the country.”

We brought in a mix of different styles and mediums from abstract to representational. We incorporated glass art, photography, paintings, and mixed media artworks all with brilliant colors that just sung in the neutral space.

“Litsa took care of every detail. The project not only included curating specific pieces of artwork from artist across the country but also the commissioning of two large wall-hanging sculptures with intricate details. For one, she showed us a 3-foot wooden sculpture that we feel in love with, but it was Litsa’s vision that made it into the 12-foot stately, showcase that anchors our lobby today.”

“Working with an art consultant is really the way to go when building a corporate collection. Litsa made the entire process feel seamless. The artwork Litsa selected reflects who we are as a brand and company so well.  It really reinforces our trademark of 'welcome to better banking.' The colorful artwork adds energy to the space and we have had such a great, positive reaction! Everyone’s mood, including our clients, is instantly lifted when they walk into our credit union. Our space really has come to life.”

See How the Artwork Transformed Their Offices


Art Enthusiasts for Life

There is more art to come for the UK Federal Credit Union. They want to continue building their collection and adding artwork in a variety of mediums and styles. As a Presenting Purchase Award Sponsor for our annual art competition and exhibit, Art Comes Alive (ACA), they have $25,000.00 to spend on more colorful artwork to fill their modern offices.



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