Best of 2018

Best of 2018

One of my all-time favorite blogs to put together is our annual "Best of" blog highlighting the stand-out moments from 2018! One of the best parts of the "Best of" blog is being able to share the BIG moments of the past year with my clients, artists, friends, and my dear family because none of this would even have been possible without you!

I'm so grateful to have an incredible staff who are dedicated workers and amazing creative problem solvers and they never back down from a challenge. I'm also grateful for the wonderful and empowering community that surrounds us here in Cincinnati, but also nationwide. You not only are where we draw our inspiration from so we can dream up and tackle anything but also our cheerleaders from whom we draw our strength so we can continue doing our very best for you.

I'll be recapping all the incredible projects we worked on and the spaces we outfitted with amazing artwork from our Blink Art and ACA artists, but selling artwork and supporting artists isn't all we were up to this year!


The Dream Team - A Beautiful Force for Beauty

The ultimate highlight of the year is my sister Sylvia joining the ADC team! Previously, Sylvia was the owner of the prestigious Malton Art Gallery. Bringing years of expertise running her own gallery and selling artwork, Sylvia transitioned to Art Design Consultants as our art and creative consultant. And wow, she has already made an impact!


How We Recognize and Celebrate Artistic Talent

I know every year we say Art Comes Alive, our annual art competition and the exhibit, is record-breaking, but IT IS! We work hard to find the best opportunities out there and connect artists with galleries, publishing companies, exhibition opportunities, not to mention selling their artwork. This year we gave away over 98 awards totaling $375,000!!

This year we also launched a special Facebook contest for our ACA exhibitors where they competed for the number one liked photo to win a gallery contract with us! Everyone was a winner in this contest, as it reached just shy of 33,000 people nationwide. 

Art Comes Alive is truly all about art and celebrates what artists do—bringing beauty and hope to the world. Thank you, everyone, who participated, who submitted their work, and who spends their lives dedicated to creating and supporting art.


Blink Art Resource 2018

Some are baffled by a catalog in the digital age, but we know better. We've been printing and distributing Blink Art Resource to professional art buyers for the last four years and it's brought so much success and recognition to the artists and their amazing work that fill its pages.

We started Blink Art Resource in 2015, and it was born from our own desire to source high-quality artwork from reliable artists who work and live across North America. The internet is saturated with artists, but professional art buyers covet this annual resource because it delivers unique artwork that has been curated by our art consultants.


Artists, if you're looking to gain more exposure and make viable industry connections, we still have a few spots left in our 2019 catalog! But hurry, they won't last long!  


Taking the Show on the Road

Every year we travel to exhibit at world-renowned art fairs to provide our artists with the opportunity to gain exposure in the nation's hottest art markets and to sell their work. 

Artexpo Las Vegas 2018 

It was our first time exhibiting at Artexpo Las Vegas and we loved all the love our Blink Art artists and booth received from art collectors from across the country (and even some internationally)! 

art expo las vegas booth art design consultants

This beautiful glass sculpture by Hasna Sal found an exotic home all the way in Trinidad! 

litsa spanos selling artwork in las vegas

All those red dots are sales for our artists! Woohoo!


Artexpo New York 2018

We've been exhibiting at Artexpo New York for the past decade - so we've established significant relationships with the interior designers and trade buyers who flock to see the latest and greatest in fine art in New York City. And they know exactly where to find us - smack dab in the middle of the show with the best booth filled with amazing artwork from our Blink Art artists. This year, we were honored to receive the coveted "Best Booth Design" award from Redwood Media Group. We are excited for our Blink Art artists to be recognized and celebrated in this way because their artwork was stunning!

art design consultants booth at art expo new york



    Speaking Engagements

    I've been in the business of selling art and supporting artists for over 25 years, and I've always loved sharing what I've learned over the years with others. I was honored with the opportunity to speak about the business of selling art and the impact that art has on a space at three events this past year. 

    Speaker Series Kenwood Country Club

    Art is truly transformational and inspirational. I was honored when the Kenwood Country Club approached me to speak about how art can make a difference in the lives of others. It has made all the difference to mine. In my talk "5 Ways Art Can Transform Your Life," I highlighted the emotive qualities of art from happy, sensual, calming, etc., and how that immediately can change the feeling of any space.

    Mount St. Joseph University

    With the launch of my book Secrets of the Art World last year, I've spoken at several venues about the business of art. Many schools simply don't teach professional practices to young, aspiring artists, yet it's critical to the success of any entrepreneur's future to understand how to run a business. That's why speaking with the students at Mount St. Joe, a local college here in Cincinnati, was so special for me. They were all so engaged and ask such pointed questions about bettering the business of their creative practice. I feel like they left ready to take on the world after that! 

    Women’s Art Club of Cincinnati

    I've been involved with the Women's Art Club of Cincinnati for some time now having juried their exhibitions in the past and attending openings, so it was amazing to be able to support them in a new way by speaking to their members about the business of art.  Many of my speaking sessions are outlines from my book Secrets of the Art World and I discussed how to brand, market, and sell artwork in the digital age.  


    2018 Art Consulting Project Highlights 

    Every year we get to work with the most incredible companies and individuals to select unique, original art for their space. These are just a few of the many projects we worked on this year. 


    Federal Credit Union of UK

    “Working with an art consultant is really the way to go when building a corporate collection. Litsa made the entire process feel seamless. The artwork Litsa selected reflects who we are as a brand and company so well. It really reinforces our trademark of 'welcome to better banking.' The colorful artwork adds energy to the space and we have had such a great, positive reaction! Everyone’s mood, including our clients, is instantly lifted when they walk into our credit union. Our space really has come to life.” - Kathy Begley, VP of operations and credit at the Federal Credit Union of UK

    Kisco Living Center

    “Kisco Senior Living communities are unique representations of mature life, and our goal was to provide a modern, sophisticated public art piece to reflect just that. This sculpture imparts a grace, dignity, and balance that we want everyone to relate to in one form or another—though we understand everyone will interpret the work in their own way.” - Patrice Goldberg, Director of Interior Design for Kisco Senior Living Center

    Benevides Home

    "The art ADC selected made the house into a home. Our home. The art brings each room to life. During the selection process, Litsa made sure to pull in artwork with titles and stories that resonate with us personally. Now the artwork in our home easily brings conversation, smiles, and fun when we share their titles and anecdotes with family and guests. Every piece we selected is exactly what we wanted. Everything is unique and different. It makes us happier.” - The Benevides Family

    Kuy Plastic Surgery

    There is a drastic shift in quality when you look at an original fine-artwork versus a print. Original fine art is hand-crafted by an artist, ensuring a finer, more carefully-perfected quality. And we knew we had to select artwork that reflected the fine quality and care of their practice. Linette emphasizes, “Original art brings to our office the energy and emotion and creative spirit of the artist; one sees every stroke that was purposefully placed, and we, therefore, engage more with the art and are likewise stimulated by it.”

    “Selecting artwork is great fun and always a mind-expanding and energizing experience, but especially with Litsa and her enthusiastic staff. Litsa gets to know her clients and their interests and easily grasps the context and installation particulars, such as lighting and approach and movement within a space. We love to work with ADC on creating an office that our clients and staff will appreciate every day.” - Linette Kuy

    Samuel Adams

    We had a great opportunity to commission several custom works of art for the Samuel Adams taproom. ADC worked closely with the interior designers and the artist to create floor murals to illustrate Cincinnati's rich history as a beer-brewing powerhouse and showcase the city's icons like Findlay Market and Music Hall. This industrial chic taproom is perfect for celebrating Cincinnati while sipping on a beer!


    Happy New Year! 

    Cheers to a brand new year! Wishing you nothing but continued inspiration and success in 2019! 

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