Art Isn't Just For The Walls: Celebrating Cincinnati's Rich Heritage with Art

Art Isn't Just For The Walls: Celebrating Cincinnati's Rich Heritage with Art

We had a great opportunity to commission several custom works of art for the new Samuel Adams Taproom here in Cincinnati, OH. Art Design Consultants (ADC) worked closely with the interior designers and the artists to create floor murals to illustrate Cincinnati's rich history as a beer-brewing powerhouse and showcase the city's icons like Findlay Market and Music Hall. This industrial chic taproom is perfect for celebrating Cincinnati while sipping on a beer!  

What They Needed 

Samuel Adams is a Boston beer company that has been brewing beer in Cincinnati since the early 90's, and recently opened a taproom in Over-the-Rhine, located just across the street from the Samuel Adams Cincinnati Brewery.

Bergmeyer, out of Boston, headed up the designs of the taproom and they desired a space inspired by Cincinnati’s brewing history with input from Samuel Adams Cincinnati Brewing owner Jim Koch.

"Owner Jim Koch, Cincinnati native, son and grandson of Cincinnati brewmasters, said … he wanted the taproom to be a place to experience gemutlichkeit, that almost untranslatable German word for cozy good times." - Cincinnati Enquirer

before and after Samuel Adams Taproom Cincinnati with artwork

How We Did It 

Having received copies of Blink Art Resource in the past, the design firm was very familiar with ADC and Catherine Keywan, the lead interior designer on the project, contacted us right away with the opportunity to source artwork for the taproom.

We knew this new nano-brewery wouldn’t just be serving up some of our Sam Adams sipping favorites, but this little pub would be a place for experimentation, research, and development. AKA creativity! We believe that the process of making beer in itself is art, so we knew we needed to find the best artists to complement the overall vision of the space. We worked closely with Catherine, reviewing floorplans and inspiration boards she prepared.


When selecting the artists, we took everything into consideration: the budget, the design direction, and Jim’s desire for a cozy space that celebrated our beloved Cincinnati. From that, we proposed four amazing artists we were confident would all do an equally great job. 

Ultimately, they awarded River Risk, a young local illustrator, with the job of creating the main floor murals for the interior and Chase Mendez with creating the keystone entryway mural.

The great thing about working with ADC as your art consultant on projects like this? We see the entire project through from start to finish. In this case, from conception to installation we spent six months streamlining communications between the artists and our client to create a custom design and stencil so the floor murals would be perfect.

Behind the scenes installation

While designing these certainly took some time to create, over 210 hours went into the installation of the three, large interior murals, as River and her team of five artists painstakingly peeled the excess stencil away. (As you can see in the picture after she finished the last mural, she collapsed in exhaustion and celebration!)


The Final Result 

Everyone was “floored” when it came time for the final reveal. These amazing art rugs go beyond any décor element or an accent piece and give the taproom a purposeful identity, from the welcoming “513” mural that greets you when you enter the taproom to the intricate illustrations that celebrate Cincinnati’s icons and brewing heritage. It’s a great way for Samuel Adams, a huge player in the beer industry, to recognize and give a respectful nod to our city’s rich history.


Need your space transformed?

There are several reasons why hiring ADC as your art consultant makes sense—streamlined and easier process, familiarity with artists and their work, space assessment, professional and careful curation, and determination of artistic taste and goals. Whether you’re simply trying to update a space or going for that WOW! factor, ADC helps you determine the right art for your space and goals.


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