An Office Refresh Isn't Complete Without Art

An Office Refresh Isn't Complete Without Art

What They Wanted

As a company that believes in strong relationships within the communities where their employees live, work and play, The Cincinnati Insurance Companies have always supported the arts. They were our very first client over 27 years ago! We’ve done everything for them from framing documents and diplomas to selecting artwork throughout the years. Who can say that? This really shows their value and commitment to relationships.

After beginning a renovation to refresh their office space, Cincinnati Insurance hoped to enhance their office with new, more contemporary works of art.


Why art for the refresh?


“Modern art gives us an opportunity to reflect that our company is focused on the future.” – Roger Chamberlain, Assistant Vice President


How We Did It

Spearheaded by Jennifer Eagan, senior underwriting manager, and Julie Nolan, assistant secretary, the company gathered an ‘engagement committee’ to create excitement about the art selection process. This committee became a sounding board to inform what type of artwork would be best in the newly renovated space.

Jen and Julie worked closely with Litsa to curate a multi-functional office environment.  They needed to fill expansive hallways that transgress between the towers as well as provide artwork for office niches.

“Litsa worked with Jen and Julie to fully take in the goals of the refresh, and she immediately saw the potential for various types of artworks to meet our budget. I was really impressed by the variety of artwork Litsa suggested for the office.” – Roger


The Final Result

Employees LOVE the refresh. They continuously compliment the updated space and the artwork, saying how renewed and enlivened the office feels with the vibrant, colorful works of art that now adorn the walls.  

“The decision to have art as a major component of the refresh reflects our company’s long-standing tradition of supporting the arts. After seeing the new artwork in the space, it really is that one critical element that our refresh couldn’t have been successful without.” – Roger

Need your space transformed?

There are several reasons why hiring ADC as your art consultant makes sense—streamlined and easier process, familiarity with artists and their work, space assessment, professional and careful curation, and determination of artistic taste and goals. Whether you’re simply trying to update a space or going for that WOW! factor, ADC helps you determine the right art for your space and goals.


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