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An ACA Thank You

Posted on 16 October 2017

Thank you for Making Art Comes Alive Such a Success!

We had a record-breaking year in awards to artists!

Why I Started Awarding and Celebrating Artists

Many years ago, I was sitting at business luncheon awards and watched as businessmen received awards for their contributions and it occurred to me: Artists! Artists contribute so much to our world! Where’s their award? Well, then I thought of what my wonderful Dad always says, “Do nothing and nothing will happen.”  And that day I decided to do something. I decided to create an award show—Art Comes Alive—that celebrates the achievements of artists.

This past weekend I had the honor and privilege of meeting, talking to, celebrating, and giving awards to artists from all over the country during our annual Art Comes Alive Award Show. It is truly the highlight of my year as a gallery owner. Seeing the thrill and joy on artists’ faces when they hear their names announced is something to behold. Most importantly, honoring the contributions that artists make in the world is the most gratifying part of the work I do.


Thank You to Our Artists

Every single artist who we celebrated this weekend had the vision to create something beautiful and then they executed it. They took action and followed every step required to get to get there. They showed up every day and did the hard work. They did something! A lot of somethings! And I and everyone here at ADC is so grateful for it.

Litsa standing with artists Lea de Wit, Maria D'Souza, Mary Johnston, & Rives Rash who all won honorable mention awards for being voted as the top 2% of artists who entered this year's Art Comes Alive! 


Thank You to Our Partners

I am also thankful for everyone who made this night possible—namely our partners and art collectors who purchased the work and all of the jurors who offered their time and talents to select the artwork for the competition. There is no way we could do what we do without you.

Litsa with Dr. Daniel and Linette Kuy, Platinum Purchase Award Partners 


Thank You To All

Art Comes Alive is truly all about art and celebrates what artists do—bringing beauty and hope to the world. Art is truly transformational and inspirational. Art makes a difference in the lives others. It has made all the difference to mine.

Thank you, everyone, who participated, who submitted their work, and who spends their life dedicated to creating and supporting art. If you didn’t get a chance to stop by ADC to see the work, it will be up until November 30, 2017.



Stay tuned for Art Comes Alive pictures posted to our Facebook Page Art Design Consultants!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!






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