Testimonials | Art Consulting

“I recently went to ADC while working with an international bank client located in Panama City, Panama. Our client was interested in sourcing a number of colorful abstract art pieces that would add vibrancy to their new open space. ADC was able to provide a huge variety of artists to select from, responded quickly to any client requests, and within a matter of weeks we were able to select 20 beautiful pieces including two custom pieces measuring nearly eight square feet. ADC truly met all our needs beginning with the art selection to custom framing and finally managing the shipment to Panama. I look forward to working with ADC on our next corporate project!”  -Amy Hood, BHDP Project Architect

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“As President of The Urology Group, I wish to congratulate and commend you and your team on the work you have done with the artwork in our new facility. We have worked with so many vendors to bring this project to completion, but none have been as capable, efficient, responsive, and competent as you and your company! The artwork you have provided represent more than just images. They are a representation of the brand we wish to convey to our patients and the public.  The tone you have achieved through your vision provides a sense of warmth and calm that our patients need. Moreover, the images convey our core message of an efficient and state-of-the-art healthcare facility through their ability to so completely complement every other aspect of our space. It would be an honor to recommend your services to any of your prospective clients. The Urology Group is delighted to recommend your services at the highest level, with great enthusiasm, and without any reservations whatsoever.”     Gary M. Kirsh, M.D. President The Urology Group

“Burke, Inc. has worked with ADC for at least the last 15 years.  As we have grown, ADC has helped us improve the aesthetics of our workspace.  Most recently, Burke moved its headquarters into a newly renovated building on the west side of downtown Cincinnati.  ADC helped us place our existing art into new spaces, and recommended new art in several places.  We also had ADC create, frame, and mount 16 large (4’x4’) photos along a three hallways visible to the outside.  ADC also produced, framed, and mounted eight portraits and wall plaques for a feature area of our new building.  The transformation of the empty walls of our new offices into a refined and stylish environment has been extraordinary. We continue to work with ADC because they have a unique ability to select and place exactly the right artwork for a given space.  They listen to us, and get to know our tastes before making recommendations.  We do not have to do multiple iterations because they have taken the time to understand our needs.  The entire staff at ADC is top-notch, and all the work they have done for us has been of the highest quality.Through the years, ADC has produced successful projects for our company. I recommend them without hesitation and would hire them again if given the opportunity.” -Jeff Miller, President