ACA Success Stories

Being a part of ADC’s Art Comes Alive 2014 was a ground-breaking experience for me on so many levels.

Winning Emerging Female Artist of the Year was thrilling and it gave me clarity and the courage to self-promote and to create and sell more art!! Because of ADC and ACA I have had an extremely successful year with opportunities far beyond my wildest expectations.

ACA was an amazing opportunity for myself and many other artists to come together, share our creative spirits and shine as artists. This show proves that art is a significant and important part of society. The atmosphere of ACA has an undeniable resonance that is full of exciting artwork and people.

With ACA 2015 fast approaching I highly recommend my fellow artists to submit their work and be part of ACA in any way they can! – Jeannine Dostal

“Not only was I fortunate enough to be accepted into the show, I received a purchase award! This experience was definitely one of the most exciting in my life; it not only boosted my career but gave me confidence in my creativity. ACA is like the Academy Awards for visual artists!” – Bonita Williams Goldberg

“I was absolutely THRILLED to get a gallery contract award at last spring’s ACA exhibition. And even better, it was a gallery contract with a gallery in Naples, Florida, Gallery One. I had wanted to break into the Florida art market, and here I had won a contract to do exactly that! Wow, I couldn’t believe it.

When I got down to Naples, I was thrilled to see that Gallery One was right in the middle of the business district, in a great location. Everyone at the gallery was friendly and helpful, and the gallery was beautiful. And to top it all off, the owner, Mary Lou Chronister, called me on my way back to Cincinnati from dropping off the artwork to tell me that she had already sold two of the pieces! Unbelievable! I really couldn’t ask for more than that.

All of this happened because of the ACA. So thank you, Litsa, for having the vision to put together such great awards that really can help an artist’s profession.” – Suzanne Fisher

“Saturday June 22, 2013  is a date I will remember for a long, long time. It was the reception for “Art Comes Alive” at ADC. The show included 150 pieces from over 1,500 entries in this nationally juried show. It is truly an honor to be included in this showcase of talent. Awards are given at the end of the night. In 2012 I was surprised to be given a Purchase Award. I did not anticipate any award in 2013.  Imagine my surprise when the last award was given for “Lifetime Achievement Award” and my name was called. My painting was shown on a screen that had to be 20 feet wide and my name was larger than life. I was absolutely stunned.  I received a beautiful glass statue with my name engraved on it and a ribbon. While I made my way to the stage, Litsa mentioned some of the highlights of my artistic journey. To be honored for what you love to do is a rare and wonderful experience. It serves to validate the long and solitary hours in the studio. I savored every minute.

Litsa and the staff of ADC are supportive, helpful and welcoming every time I visit. I am proud to be represented by ADC. My participation in Art Comes Alive has been a very positive one, encouraging me to push further in my quest to explore new ideas and raise the bar on my work. Every year the show gets better. Artists from all over enter and attend the event. I encourage every artist to participate in ACA and attend the event. It is the best party in town and a great way to meet other artists and view a variety of contemporary art in a beautiful setting.” -Susan Mahan


“Art Design Consultants has created a one-of-a-kind event with Art Comes Alive. It’s truly unique opportunity for artists to display their work and been recognized on a national level by leaders in the art industry. This exciting and inclusive format culminates in a fabulous evening event!

I was delighted to be selected as a top 150 artist and to exhibit a painting in the 2014 ACA show! Because of this, I was connected with a gallery in Cincinnati as well as an art consultant in Southern California. Both of these new venues have created unparalleled opportunities for me to sell my painting and to be viewed by a national audience! Thank you so much – I look forward to the 2015 ACA exhibition.”

– Jan Wagstaff, 2014 ACA Artist

“Participating in the Art Comes Alive 2013 Exhibition was a very worthwhile professional experience. Litsa Spanos and her gifted team captured my attention with their stunning online presence and marketing skills. As we artists adapt to the world of buying and selling art online – or at least making that initial impression on the web, it is imperative that we identify the resources that can reach our demographic! If yours is the design community, then ADC and their programs are the way to go. As a painter AND web designer my profile in the gallery and design world has exploded, especially since receiving awards with Art Comes Alive. The new Blink Art Resource is another great way to get seen by the right audience!” -Bette Ridgeway

“I’m sitting there in the audience and suddenly see my painting displayed in front of everyone present – that alone  was such an electric feeling –the next moment I was on stage holding the “Emerging Artist of the Year – 2013” award – no words can describe the experience of being recognized for excellence. As if receiving such an honor was not enough, my artwork also sold!

The team at ADC has been such a big part of my relatively small world of watercolor painting and I can’t say enough about how supportive and wonderful they are. Keep up the great work!” -Helmut Kientz

“I’ve been thinking a lot about the Art Comes Alive show and how much it meant to my career growth. I was elated to win a gallery contract with Sylvia Rombis’ amazing Malton Gallery! The ACA awards show was of the highest quality and it gave me confidence, credibility, and momentum as I approached new galleries. In just one and a half weeks I had four new galleries express interest in carrying my work! Your energetic promotion of all things artistic is fantastic. I’ve been an extremely busy artist since the show, so THANK YOU!”

-Jack Hillman              


“I drove to the ACA show from Virginia. I was nervous because I really didn’t know what to expect. I rode up the elevator and overheard a man talk about how he had designed the gallery (only to find out later that he had BOUGHT my painting.) I then met Litsa and her warm staff. I was overwhelmed by the quality and diversity of art. I was so proud to be a part of this amazing show. From the moment I walked through the front door until the end of the evening my excitement continued to rise. I can’t wait to be a part of this show every year!” – J Douglas

“Winning the Sterling Cut Glass Purchase Award last year was such an honour & a beautiful surprise. I drove 13 hours from Montreal to be part of such a classy & exciting evening! The ACA competition is so generous in offering so many awards and it’s a great recognition for artists. Thank you so much for all that you do!” -Marti Leroux

“It was such an honor to be chosen as a finalist in the ACA 2013 competition. The awards night was so special. Being surrounded by so much talent and everyone having a similar passion to create, was awesome. Thank you to all my friends at ADC!” -Karen Rolfes

“When Emily and I arrived, the room was electric…energy was so amazing! All of the artwork on the walls was of such great quality, it was thrilling to just be in that company, let alone be presented with an award. I am humbled to receive any honor, and was proud but a bit shy to walk up and be presented, because as a lifetime artist, I never think my work is good enough to be judged so kindly. I will be a part of ADC as long as Litsa is there doing her phenomenal work!” -Nick Stamas

“Burke, Inc. was a Purchase Award Sponsor for Art Comes Alive 2012 and I had the distinct pleasure of serving as Burke’s representative at the event.  It was a vibrant evening filled with conversation, laughter and celebration.  During the course of the evening, I met the recipient of our award, Terri Albanese.  Now, her artwork hangs in our headquarters building and I have wonderful memories of an unforgettable evening spent with the person who so thoughtfully created it. Everything about the event was top notch, from the ambiance, to the food, to the beautiful artwork lining the walls.  My husband and I both thoroughly enjoyed the event, meeting new people and learning about new artists. ADC did an outstanding job of bringing the art community together with people who love art.” -Diane Surette

“In 2012, I received the Life Time Achievement Award from the ADC Gallery. I was truly honored, and quite frankly, shocked considering some of the great artists represented by the gallery. The life of an artist is a curious one, and to think that you could be recognized for a life time of obsession, self-deception, and improvisation is an amazing thing. It’s hard to explain the feeling I had when I won; I was overwhelmed by emotion. To think (wow)…all those years alone in the studio, living a life you would not wish on anyone, yet one you would not trade for anything in the world…painting away, never knowing where that road is leading, and wondering if anyone is paying attention…wondering if what you do even matters. Somehow, the award seemed to validate my many years of endeavors and restored my faith in the wisdom of my career choice!”

-Tom Towhey