Tips & Suggestions for Artists

Tip #1: Jurors Look for a Cohesive Body of Work

Entering more than one piece of artwork into ACA can greatly increase your chances of appealing to the Jurors. Gallery owners love to discover artists with a cohesive look, and a unified body of work. Art consultants rely on attaining more artwork stylized in a similar technique to the first they see. When a gallery sells your work, they like to know they have an inventory with a cohesive “personality” to pull from as necessary. Just as art enthusiasts know a Van Gogh from a Picasso, artist’s representatives and their clients want to know your work when they see it.

Tip #2: Better Quality Image, Better Understanding of Your Work

Quality photographs of your work go a long way. The higher the resolution your images are, the better your chances of being well received by the Jurors. Beautiful details in works of art are often lost in poor quality photographs, and these details are studied & appreciated by the ACA jurors.  The number one thing Jurors comment on is how poorly lit submission images are, so be sure to photograph your work with a decent camera, and good lighting so that the colors in the image are as true to life as possible.


Better Quality Image

Painting pictured by artist, Nick Stamas


Tip #3: Showcasing Dimensional Works 

During the entry process, each entrant is allowed four uploads. In the past, we’ve been asked several times how to showcase a work of art from different perspectives without using all four uploads (since it is the same work of art, just from a different vantage point.) This can easily be done from the entry platform. Artist are able to upload three detail shots per image at no charge.

Step 1: Upload image of artwork

After you’ve uploaded the desired piece, your page will look like the below image.  Just to the right of the image you will see an option to add another image. Select this option.

ACA Entry additional view tutorial

Step 2: Select File 

Here you will be able to select a detail view of your artwork or an alternative angle of a sculpture. After you upload the image the detail will appear below the artwork.  To upload more detail shots, repeat the process.

Important note: If you are finished uploading detail shots and are ready to upload your next work of art, select “Add file” which is found at the top of the page.

additional views 5