Once accepted into the final exhibit, it is the artist’s responsibility to ship their artwork to and from the Art Design Consultants’ gallery in Cincinnati, OH. All packaging materials will be cataloged and saved for return shipping.

Please have your artwork arrive to the ADC Gallery no later than Friday, July 8th and addressed as below:

ATTN: Elizabeth Davis

Art Design Consultants

310 Culvert Street, 5th Floor

Cincinnati, OH 45202


All artwork is insured at the ADC Gallery. HOWEVER, if you would like insurance to cover any potential damages during shipping (to and from) you must specify this with the shipper. ADC will not cover the cost of damages during shipping.


A return shipping label must be sent in a manilla envelope marked RETURN SHIPPING LABEL to the ADC Gallery either with the shipment of the artwork or separately via snail mail. A return shipping label can also be emailed digitally to

UPS & FedEx, because they are credible, safe, and make return shipping incredibly easy. Instructions for creating a return shipping label with UPS and/or FedEx online are below, however if you go to a FedEx or UPS location just ask them to also provide a return shipping label with your original shipment. Please specify your return shipment to be “Pickup” (If they require a date, please specify Friday, September 2nd).

Do not mark return shipping label as “Drop-Off”



Check the “create a return shipment” box on the online form at the same step you create your original shipment.

fed ex shipping


After creating your original shipment online, hit next to review your shipment. Once you approve the shipment, you will come to a confirmation page where you will have the option to “create a return shipment.”

ups return shipping label