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Imagine feeling happier and more energized at work. Well, (disclaimer!) that is the shocking effect corporate art can have on its employees. The average workday is eight hours or more— longer than the average person sleeps each night. Sometimes it feels like we live at our place of employment…shouldn’t we be comfortable?

Alexa McNeill

“Connection I, II, & III” by Alexa McNeill

The artwork showcased in a corporate office or business represents the corporate image and demonstrates that corporation’s brand. The many fantastic options such as original paintings, collages, sculptures, metal, glass, photos, prints, posters, and custom framing can all “say” very different and specific things about a space. Most importantly, the right artwork can enhance and bring to the forefront all the amazing qualities of a business for all the clients and employees to see—and enjoy— every time they walk into your office building.

As one bank executive commented: “By adding original art we have created an environment that sparks interest, curiosity, and instigates conversation. It really has brought a lot of life to our corporate offices.”

In the Office

It’s a fact that aesthetically pleasing environments increase productivity, creativity, mood, and even motivate employees to dress better! Working surrounded by inspiring art can generate better ideas, improve time management, and create an overall happier work atmosphere.

9 - Andrzej Karwacki

Equanimity Redefined by Andrezj Michael Karwacki I Blink artist

8 -Sroka

“Breaking Wave” and “Point of View” by Daniel Sroka

10 - Landuyt

“Casting Spells” by Jamie Van Landuyt

Give the Lobby Some Love

What do you think of when you walk into a corporate lobby? What do the surroundings convey? Art can play a major role in how people perceive a company—and a first impression can make a big impact!

3 - Brunet

“Tempête Jaune” and “California Waves” by Chantal Brunet

7 - Osborn

“Cincinnati Riverfront” and “Roebling Bridge” by David Osborn

Bold, strong colors show assurance and success. Subtle, soft paintings portray trust and comfort. Trust from clients can be so incredibly crucial for certain businesses, like insurance and health care companies. Canvas paintings are light and welcoming, while dimensional metal wall art or sculptures show strength and confidence which would work perfectly for financial institutions and law firms. Nowadays, companies are looking to art consultants to help them achieve the image they want to convey.

ADC’s project at Burke Inc. featuring Ken Rausch.

Meetings with Style

When meeting with clients, it’s important to impress. Artwork can make clients feel more comfortable and stimulate conversation, not to mention make your corporation memorable and more appealing to work with/in when compared to the competition.

4 - Rodrigue

“Eruptus I and II” by Annie Rodrigue

6 - Satagata

“Clearing” and “Waterlilies” by Frank Satogata

Frame It!

Businesses and individuals alike should be proud of their accomplishments and showcase their strengths. Diplomas, Masters, PhD’s, recognition awards, past projects, architectural designs, portfolio pieces, company history and portraits are all fantastic ways to display the corporations talents and achievements. This is one of the best ways to establish credibility with current or future clients, by allowing them to see the successes of your past!

What’s Your Colorscope?

It’s proven that certain colors can evoke very specific moods and reactions.

  • Orange increases confidence and “expands your thinking”
  • Yellow is known for increasing clarity of thought and intelligence as well as improving the agility of the mind. Yellow is also a stimulates conversation and dispels darkness—an automatic mood lifter.
  • Crisp and bright light green is often associated with nature, freshness, wealth and growth.
  • Blue is peaceful. It “dissolves tension and promotes tranquility.”
  • Deep blues encourage decisiveness, efficiency and focus.
  • Bright red represents fearlessness. It improves self confidence and stimulates thought.
  • deeper, Irish green is the color of health and healing. This color creates feelings of balance, rejuvenation, stability, and well being of mind and body.
  • Aqua inspires relaxation and trust. This is perfect for unwinding or relieving stress.
  • Deep reds are for awakening expressions, to break through inhibitions and hesitations, and allowing emotional openness.

Help Children


It’s always the greatest feeling when I am able to give back. Last week we held an event at ADC for the new initiative in Cincinnati, Portrait of a Soul and this week we are sponsoring BLOOM Africa’s Unite! Art Party!

Thanks to Mary Barr Rhodes, William Thomas and Jess Chokan for their amazing efforts and support of this!

Please join us on Thursday, October 23rd from 5:00 – 8:00 PM and for only $15 a ticket, enjoy two drinks, appetizers and the opportunity to view and purchase art from our favorite local artists!

To RSVP click here:

The Story

BLOOM Africa’s mission is to build and support local partnerships to strengthen communities and improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable children, and was founded right here in Ohio! After traveling to Lesotho, Africa on a service trip, students and alumni from Wittenberg University launched this wonderful initiative in spring of 2010.


The Need

Lesotho is plagued by extreme economic hardship, alarmingly high rates of HIV/AIDS, poverty, droughts causing food shortages, and corresponding malnutrition. Together these factors have stunted the country’s development making it one of the world’s least-developed countries.

The Impact

Thanks to the team of incredible volunteers, BLOOM Africa has built strong partnerships in the Lesotho community and around the world to develop on-going and one-time projects, and created Community Learning Centers that empower orphans and vulnerable children while also enriching the communities in which they live.

On-going projects include the Ramabanta Community Garden, and Leratong Community Learning Center!

Completed projects include the Samaritan’s Feet Project, Orphan Emergency Relief Fund, Little Angles Initiative: Day Care Orphanage, Clean Water Project, and the Laptop Education Package!


(100% of ticket proceeds and 50% of all art purchases go directly to support BLOOM Africa in providing educational opportunities to orphans in Lesotho, Africa.)

Unite for a cause. Unite for art.

I hope you’ll join us this Thursday!

Savor Seasonal Art

With the chaos of back to school behind us, and November slowly inching up—everyone finds time to pause and look at nature’s masterpieces. The rustic oranges, deep auburns, and rich yellows of the leaves and the gold light of the autumn sun are so inspiring! If only the leaves stayed this way for longer…they seem here and gone in an instant.

That is why I love to bring these colors into my home through artwork! I get to enjoy the beauty of the short season, for longer—and bring the energy from the outdoors inside.



What is your favorite part of this season? Is it the colors or the energy? The memories of jumping into a pile of leaves when you were young? Or maybe it’s the calm, quietness of cool days, when we cuddle up to the fireplace with a good book.

Here are a few of my favorite contemporary representational artworks. Each piece adds glowing warmth to the space.

April Willy

“Bursting Forth” by April Willy I BLINK Artist

Jd Naraine

“Fall Sunset” by Jd Naraine

Jerry Points

“Peaks of Autumn” by Jerry Points



If representational works aren’t for you, then an autumn abstract is! The vibrant splashes of reds and yellows remind me of leaves playing in the wind.  Pieces like this can really add an energetic and inviting quality to the space!

Elizabeth LaPenna

“Celebration” by Elizabeth LaPenna I BLINK Artist



To really make a statement with the beautiful and bold reds of fall pair them with a dark wall and watch how the artwork instantly pops!  This elegant contrast creates a beautiful contemporary space that is both warm and welcoming.

BW Chair with Red Painting

“Cadmium Shifting” by Mary Barr Rhodes

Ron Halfant

“Red Leaves” by Ron Halfant

Seasons are constantly inspiring the world of décor, fashion & art—so let it also inspire you! I’m certain you can find artwork that captures your autumn—a piece of the season that will bring you warmth long after the snow begins to fall.



I’d also like to extend a huge thank you to all of our reader’s for your patience while we made our last push for Blink Art Resource Guide! I am so grateful for everyone’s continual support through this endeavor.

Art experts endorse Blink


Now that we have told you what the artists have to say…This week, I wanted to give you an inside look at why these art professionals are excited to get their complimentary copy of Blink Art Resource Guide! And don’t forget, less than 2 weeks left to register for Blink. So don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to be seen by these and many more art experts across the nation looking to sell your work!



Amy Youngblood Schuermann

“As an established interior designer, I need ingenious ideas for my commercial and residential projects. My clients want me to help them select everything from furniture to wall colors, carpet – and of course art, so I’m always looking to provide a great experience for them. With a comprehensive art resource guide like Blink, I can give them a variety of choices by taking the book with me on appointments and also using its website as I’m preparing my presentations.Blink allows me to find great artists and create beautiful environments easily and efficiently.I’m very excited to receive my first copy in January!”

-Amy Schuermann
President, Amy Schuermann Interiors, LLC




“Now, more than ever, it’s critical for an artist to take charge of their destiny. The days are over where an artist (even the most talented) can just sit back and expect people to come to them. Having actively promoted and elevated artist’s careers the majority of my life, I see Blink as a new, critical and much needed avenue for every artist wanting to get themselves seen, and to achieve a much higher level of success. I can absolutely say that I will use this art resource guide myself to find new artists and will recommend it to all the galleries, art consultants and interior designers that I know. Why wouldn’t they use it…it’s beautiful!”

-Eric Smith
CEO, Art Expo New York




“Galleries like ours will actively use Blink as a reference when we are seeking the best artwork for specific projects and inventory. The artwork we specify for our corporate, hospitality and residential projects must be perfectly suited for the space and client requirements. I know we can rely on Blink to find the artists whose works of art would best suit our client needs. We have commissioned and bought thousands of works of art for our clients and intend on using Blink to discover new artists to add to our portfolio. If Blink artists match our needs, they will hear from us!”

-Roy Saper
Owner, Sapers Galleries




“My clients don’t want what everyone else has. Every project we work on has to be unique and special. As a high-end gallery on the prestigious 5th Avenue in Naples Florida, we work on large scale residential and corporate projects every day. Blink will give us the opportunity to find artists that we wouldn’t normally know about. My staff and I are very excited about this catalog and will use to right away and for years to come. Thank you to everyone at BLINK for all your effort in creating such an important and needed art resource guide. Your dedication to our success, along with your support of artists nationally is very much appreciated. “

-Mary Lou Chronister
Owner, Gallery One



David Blount Blog

“APG has been in business since 1969 representing a variety of office furniture manufacturers, and is one of the largest Herman Miller Certified Network dealers with offices in Cincinnati, Dayton, Cleveland, Akron and Memphis. We provide space planning design, project management and offer our commercial clients everything they need to look good. That’s were Blink comes in. We’re excited to have this catalogue available so we can provide and recommend exciting art solutions to complete the overall project. Adding art personalizes the spaces we’ve designed and makes our clients very happy!”

-David Blount
Sales, APG Office Furnishings


Blink Art Resource Guide is looking to fill some spots in our Ceramics, Mosaics, Metal, Fiber and Glass sections. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! Learn more about Blink Art Resource Guide at or call us at 513.723.1222. The deadline for artists to register is September 30!


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