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Purchase Awards = Guaranteed Sales

The countdown is on! There are only 7 days left to ENTER ACA!

There are so many facets that make ACA a one-of-a-kind event from the incredible artwork to our fantastic jurors, but one of the most exciting parts is selling artists’ work before the doors even open for the awards ceremony and exhibit reception!

This is all thanks to our art-loving Partners who make a dollar value commitment long before the artwork even arrives! That’s how excited they are to see your work!



That’s right we have over $50,000 of artwork that is essentially already sold!

In last week’s blog you got a glimpse of the stunning styles and mediums represented in the show, displayed beautifully alongside complementary works! This is exactly how our partners see your work! The week before the opening reception, our Partners get a “VIP” perk and view the top 150 pieces before anyone else to select their favorites worth their partnership amount. To a collector this is like being a kid in a candy store except their sweet-toothed palate now has a taste for decadent artworks that radiate with color and style!

Art Comes Alive 2013

Thank you to our incredible Partners!

PLATINUM PARTNERS  -  5,000 Level |  TOTAL VALUE 30,000

Graydon Head LOGO Color_LORES_sACT Insurance Logo_jpeg APG Office Furnishings_LORES_S


Huntington BankKMK Law LogoPwC_fl_30mmh_c_sq


GOLD PARTNER  - $2,500 Level | TOTAL VALUE $2,500

Private Partner_black

*Thanks to our private partners Denise and Martin Wilz


SILVER PARTNERS – $2,500 Level | TOTAL VALUE $15,000

Calfee_1CLR_GREEN_LORES_sq Oswald I Silver Partner I Art Comes Alive Radiology Group
tristate financial logo_lores_s Private Partner_black Private Partner_black

*Thanks to our private partners Catherine and Dean Moulis and Felicia Williams


FRIENDS of ACA  - $1,000 & Under Level | TOTAL VALUE $3,000

Private Partner_black Private Partner_black sterling cut glass

*Thanks to our private partners Cheryl and Roger Dean, and Kristy and Chad Wiggins


 Read more details about ACA Partners > 



submit works by may 1st

Artists, don’t pass up this phenomenal opportunity! Over $200,000 in exciting awards! Isn’t it about time you’re recognized for your talent, hard work, and dedication? We think so!

We Want it ALL!

Kate Messer Photography 2014

ACA is an incredibly unique event and not just because of the $200,000 award total (yes, that’s right we’re over $200,000!!), but because of all the artists working in different styles and mediums that we will be honoring!

  • Landscape painters working in pastel, acrylic or oil? We want you!
  • Non-representational expressionists? We want you!
  • Fine craft artists creating jewelry? We want you!
  • Assemblage artists working in new materials? We want you!
  • Photographers capturing just the right moment? We want you!
  • Digital illustrators creating fine prints? We want you!
  • Sculptors working in in clay, glass, bronze? We want YOU!

The list could really go on and on, because we want it all! Art Comes Alive is about celebrating ALL ARTISTS and their incredible talent to ideate, innovate and create no matter what medium or artistic expression. Not only are artists awarded in different categories, but our Jurors are looking for new talent for their galleries and publications, which represent an array of artistic mediums.


Each ACA Brings New Talent and New Work

Her are a few snapshots of last year’s ACA that highlight just some of the amazing artists we exhibited in our show! We can’t wait to see what you have for us!

Art Comes Alive 2014

Art Comes Alive 2014

Art Comes Alive 2014

Art Comes Alive 2014

Art Comes Alive 2014


Special Honor Awards

ACA also has some very special awards like Lifetime Achievement (Male & Female) and Emerging Artist of the Year.


Artist, Susan Mahan describes her excitement to win the Lifetime Achievement Award:

It is truly an honor to be included in this showcase of talent. Awards are given at the end of the night. In 2012 I was surprised to be given a Purchase Award. I did not anticipate any award in 2013. Imagine my surprise when the last award was given for “Lifetime Achievement Award” and my name was called. My painting was shown on a screen that had to be 20 feet wide and my name was larger than life. I was absolutely stunned.  I received a beautiful glass statue with my name engraved on it and a ribbon. While I made my way to the stage, Litsa mentioned some of the highlights of my artistic journey. To be honored for what you love to do is a rare and wonderful experience. It serves to validate the long and solitary hours in the studio. I savored every minute.



Art Comes Alive is proud to be one of the few Call to Artists with such a vast array of awards helping artists thrive in their career. Not only do we award money, we award opportunity, crucial connections, and exposure.

deadline to submit artwork is midnight may 1st!


I Want to See your Work!

…and so do a lot of other people! 

The build up to this year’s Art Comes Alive is record breaking! We’re thrilled to say we have more JURORS, COLLECTORS, and GALLERIES participating, which means you guessed it – MORE AWARDS!! We are now up to $190,000 in awards to artists and still climbing as we approach the May 1st deadline for entries!


NEW JURORS, NEW AWARDS (Over $150,000 value)

joanne artman gallery

JoAnne will be awarding one artist a gallery contract at her beautiful gallery in Laguna Beach, CA.

blue Spiral 1 Gallery I Art Comes Alive Juror

Jordan and Michael will be awarding one artist to exhibit in their annual “New Times Three – New Artists, New Works, New Year” show at Blue Spiral 1 Gallery, Ashville, NC.

Phil Davis I Art Comes Alive Juror

Phil will be awarding one fine craft artist a Front Window Feature display and a $250 honorarium from Brentwood Arts Exchange, Washington, D. C. area.

venue scroll

Steve and Kim will be awarding one artist the “William Duebber Artist Award” which includes a two page artist feature in Venue Magazine, sent to 11,500 city wide, Cincinnati, OH.

view entire list >


NEW PURCHASE AWARDS (over $35,000 and climbing)

Kate Messer Photography 2014

ACT Insurance This is ACT’s first year participating with ACA as a partner, and the entire team is excited to search from among the greatest artists in North America to purchase new and unique artwork for their executive office space.

PWC They are purchasing artwork from ACA 2015 artists for their beautifully renovated new offices in an expansive Columbus Ohio location.

KMK just completed a 9 floor renovation and are looking for ACA artists from their executive suites!

view entire list>



Never underestimate the value of a connection! So many artists that participate in ACA walk away with more than an award. The opening reception attracts art industry leaders from across the nation and is an incredible opportunity for artists to network!


I was elated to win a gallery contract with Sylvia Rombis’ amazing Malton Gallery! The ACA awards show was of the highest quality and it gave me confidence, credibility, and momentum as I approached new galleries. In just one and a half weeks I had four new galleries express interest in carrying my work! 

-          Jack Hillman




There are only 3 weeks left to submit your artwork to Art Comes Alive! We’ve secured incredible opportunities for you, now it’s your turn to put your best pieces forward and win! We can’t wait to see your work!

Deadline to submit work is May 1, 2015! 

Top 10 Reasons for Entering ACA 2015

…apart from the $200,000+ in awards and delicious food!

This week we’re taking a page from Letterman’s book of late night television and doing our own version of The Top Ten List. The top 10 reasons artists should enter Art Comes Alive 2015 are…


10. Publicity Just for Entering

Artists often hesitate entering competitions like ACA because of the uncertainty their work will make it to the final exhibit. But, ACA is different. Every artist that enters work will be publicized for a full year by the host, Art Design Consultants. Your work will be showcased on their website, blog, and email blasts to over 50,000 contacts.



9. Reach Your TARGET Audience

Our jurors work on a broad range of projects, from hospitality, healthcare, and corporate to residential clients and private collectors. If you feel your artwork falls into a certain “niche,” ACA has got it covered.

San Felipe 515120100424_0929


8. Category Awards

There is nothing comparable to the pride you feel when you are awarded the artist of the year in your medium or subject. The check in your name doesn’t hurt either.



7. Networking

This is an amazing opportunity to meet the most prestigious names in the art business. Not only are our jurors and sponsors looking forward to meeting you, they want to see & sell your work! Building mutually beneficial relationships can make a long lasting impact on your career.

Kate Messer Photography 2014


6. Purchase Awards

ACA’s partnerships are money put toward buying the work showcased in the final exhibit. Sponsors = promised sales! We have over $35,000 in Purchase Awards this year (aka over $35,000 in guaranteed sales.)

Kate Messer Photography 2014


5. Special Awards

Unique awards are often the best awards to receive. Want a solo booth at ArtExpo New York? Want to be showcased in Art Business News & artblend? Want a full-page in Blink Art Resource? Yeah, we thought so.



4. Awards of Honor

Lifetime Achievement, Emerging Artist of the Year, Best of Show and Runner Up are the highest honor to receive as an artist. Isn’t it time you were recognized for your hard work & talent?

Kate Messer Photography 2014


3. Gallery Contracts

This year we are awarding 13 gallery contract awards with galleries from all over the country. These awards can help kick-start or expand your career as an artist. A gallery contract lasts beyond the closing of the exhibition, giving you the chance to sell your work and grow as an artist.



2. You Can Win Multiple Awards

When you enter, you don’t have to specify what awards you are interested in winning. We don’t like to allow artists to pigeon hole themselves. ACA artists can win multiple awards! Want to win a purchase award, category award, AND a gallery contract? You just may leave the exhibit feeling like Adele. ACA makes that possible!



And the number one reason artists should enter Art Comes Alive 2015 is…



The ultimate goal for any artist is to sell their work. Through this competition- and a combination of the jurors, sponsors, exhibit, awards, and publicity -this is your chance to get your artwork seen! Give people the opportunity to discover your talent by getting your artwork ‘out there’ & noticed through the help of ACA. It only takes one person falling in love with your work to find your art a home.



ACA Entry Tip #3

During the entry process, each entrant is allowed four uploads. In the past, we’ve been asked several times how to showcase a work of art from different perspectives without using all four uploads (since it is the same work of art, just from a different vantage point.) This can easily be done from your computer at home using the Paint application by simply pasting two images together, side by side, or one above the other and save as one image to then upload. (Did you miss Tip #1 and #2? Check them out here!)

Deadline to enter is May 1st!




If you have any questions regarding Art Comes Alive or the application process, please don’t hesitate to contact Elizabeth Davis, Art Design Consultants’ Gallery Director, by email or phone 513-723-1222.

We look forward to seeing your work!