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Pattern Play

Trending right now is bold patterned wall coverings, which we absolutely love! Funky patterns likes these can impact a room in a big way, just like art, but often people tend to go with one or the other. We’re here to reassure you that you can have your cake and eat it too!

This week we’re featuring a collection of artists from Art Design Consultants, Art Comes Alive and Blink Art Resource!



When working with super dominate patterned wallpaper keep within the theme and depending on your color choices, the artwork you set against it will pop or blend accordingly.

Marlies Merk Najaka I Blink Art Resource

This pairing is the perfect example of a seamless incorporation of patterned wallpaper and art creating a sophisticated display. Blink artist Marlies Merk Najaka’s large leafy work not only compliments the wallpaper in subject matter but also in color. Click image to see more of Marlies’ work.

Anyes Galleani I Art Design Consultants

Still staying with the theme of the design by incorporating a woman’s face, the artwork doesn’t feel out of place, but the bold color choice pops the art right of the wall! Anyes Galleani was an Art Comes Alive award winner and won a a gallery feature on Blink Art Resource! Click photo to see more of her works!



When working with a dramatic abstract wall pattern pair it with a figurative work to keep the room feeling balanced. Look for artwork that has the same consistency and texture as the paper.

Larry Forgard I Art Design Consultants

The blocky nature of Larry Forgard’s work pair perfectly with the geometric wall patterning. Click image to see more of Larry’s work!


Nick Stamas I Art Design Consultants

Nick Stamas’ piece pops off the wall with the contrasting light and dark colors, but it doesn’t feel out of place because the texture of the wall paper and the artwork match. Congratulations to Nick on winning a prestigious gallery contract in New York at this year’s ACA. Click image to see more ACA award winners.

JoAnne Helfert Sullam I Art Design Consultants

The same rule applies here as it did to Nick’s piece. JoAnne Helfert Sullam’s soft brush strokes match that of the wall paper for a seamless feel. Click image to see more of JoAnne’s work.



Larger scale rooms mean you have more space to incorporate more patterns and colors.

Jill Lear I Art Comes Alive Winner I Art Design Consultants

This is a bold design, but the high ceilings in the room allow for the colors and patterns to breath and expand through the space. Click image to see more of Jill’s works.



Incorporate colors and textures from area rugs to make the room feel finished and unified.

Fran Carlisle I Blink Art Resource

The fine filigree of the flower is complimented by the fur rug and rather than overwhelming the space with a detailed texture the room feels refined and elegant. Click photo to see more of Fran Carlisle’s photography on Blink Art Resource!

Marti Leroux I Art Comes Alive I Blink Art Resource

This room really packs a punch! The hot pink in Marti Leroux’s triptych pulls out the soft pink in the floral wallpaper, but matching yellows in the art and rug is what makes this room work.


Go decorate with confidence that wallpaper and art can be friends and make for one killer statement room! It’s just all about how you create balance within the space!


Color Crush: Blue!

We loved pulling together our first Color Series, Color Crush: Orange, so much that we decided to put together one on a color that’s most associated with summer: BLUE!

Whether it’s a family vacation to the beach, a long weekend at the lake or just a walk outside, the color blue surrounds us during the summer no matter the activity!


Light and Atmospheric

Pale Blue I Art Design Consultants I Color Crush Blog


Pale blues are often associated with nostalgia and creativity. Think back to your favorite family memory about time spent with your toes buried in the sand reading your favorite book or tossing ball on the beach. This blue can provide a much needed break and breath of fresh air, and is an excellent color to brighten up any room with a peaceful tone.  

Jane Stoddard I Art Design Consultants

“Where Would you Rather Be?” by ACA Artist Jane Stoddard. Click image to see all 185 ACA Artists.


Fresh and Calming

Sky Blue I Art Design Consultants I Color Crush Blog


Sky Blues are one of the calmest colors and helps promote a healing nature for resiliency against future obstacles. This blue is best known to reduce stress – just think of how relaxed you are when lying on your back looking up at a crystal blue sky dotted with clouds. This color is best used in high-energy spaces where a lot of people tend to gather.

tom owen I Art Design Consultants

“Beach Day” by ACA Artist Tom Owen. Congratulations to Tom for winning the prestigious award Abstract Artist of the Year! Click photo to see more of Tom’s work.

Amy Genser I Art Design Consultants

Mixed Media Abstracts by ACA Artist Amy Genser. Congratulations to Amy for winning several awards at this year’s ACA! Click photo to see more ACA Award Winners!


Bright and Bold

True Blue I Art Design Consultants I Color Crush Blog

Due to its calming, grounded qualities, bright blues are great to incorporate into an already colorful space. These blues are a non-threatening and won’t compete, such as a vibrant orange or green would. Also, this blue is the color of determination and ambition to strive for great things in life – what better way to utilize the effects of this great color than in your bedroom and waking up to it every morning feeling ready to take on the world!

Marlene Sanaye Yamada I Art Design Consultants

“Adventurous” by Marlene Sanaye Yamada. Congratulations to Marlene on all her ACA Awards!  Click photo to see more ACA Award Winners!


Strong and Rigid

Dark Blue I Art Design Consultants I Color Crush Blog

Dark blues are seen as conservative and give off an air of being calm, cool and collected.  Use this confident color when wishing to achieve a regal and sophisticated design. The deep blue creates a grounded focal point and a much needed break for your eyes to rest on as they take on the room.

John Metz I Art Design Consultants

“Submerged 4″ by John Metz. Click photo to see all the incredible works entered into ACA 2015!

Blue is calm, clean, confident and the least controversial of any color, so artwork with any quality of blue will be a fantastic addition to your space!

Are you interested in the availability of the above artwork? Please call Elizabeth, ADC’s Gallery Director, at 513-723-1222 or email for more information!


ACA 2015 is our most successful show to date! We’re thrilled we were able to celebrate the nation’s top 185 artists by giving away over $250,000 in awards! So mark your calendars for Friday, July 31st from 5 – 7 PM and join us for ACA’s Closing Reception and one last look at the show!


Room with a View!

Landscape art is a classic for a reason. There is something incredibly enticing about the great outdoors; it inspires us to channel our inner explorer and give in to the childlike desire to go on an adventure.

Truono and Williams

“For all of Time” by Brian Truono and “Morning Glory” by Cheryl Williams. Click image to see more ACA Artists.


“Sunrise Storms” by Lynda Young Kaffie. Click image to see more ACA Artists

When we travel, we can’t help but grab our camera to take a picture when we see a beautiful scene…a sunset on the water, a grand forest where trees stand proudly, an awesome storm or peaceful orchard.  Nothing brings the romanticism, mystery and serenity of the outdoors inside our homes like landscape art.


“Chazy River” by Jim ‘Dauber’ Farr. Click image to see more ACA Artists.

kenneth ray willson

“Aspens Fall” by Kenneth Ray Wilson. Click image to see more ACA Artists.


“Sea Maiden” by Josie Gearhart. Congratulations to Josie for winning “Nature Artist of the Year” at ACA 2015. Click image to see all the ACA 2015 Award Winners.

This week we are showcasing several of our Art Comes Alive 2015 landscape artists and want to remind everyone that the ACA exhibit (hanging now at ADC!) closes July 31st. This show is incredibly unique and when it closes the artwork will be sent back to the talented artists from all around North America, or go home with the lucky new owner. If you’re in the market for a new work of art, don’t miss you chance to see this splendidly versatile exhibit!

See all 185 Artists that were accepted into this year’s ACA 2015!




Are you interested in the availability of the above artwork? Please call Elizabeth, ADC’s Gallery Director, at 513-723-1222 or email for more information!

Blink Does Boston!

ASID Blink Chelsea


Blink Art Resource has partnered with ASID, the nation’s largest interior design membership organization, to provide wow-worthy centerpieces for their annual Celebration: the ASID Awards Gala! We’re thrilled to have a growing relationship with the top community of designers, industry representatives, educators and students who are all committed to creating beauty with art through impeccable interior designs.

(featured in above image: Chris Tucker, COO of ASID, Olga Odeide, Director of Industry Partnerships at American Society of Interior Designers for ASID, Chelsea Tucker Director of Development and Artist Liason for Blink, and Randy Fiser, CEO of ASID, at NeoCon.)


We debuted the Blink Art Resource catalog at Artexpo New York in April, but now we get to show off our artists! Prepare to be “oohed and ahhed” from colorful to dynamic and quirky to imaginative, each table will be set with a different Blink artist’s original work!

Victoria Fuller Blink Does Boston BlogSelf Empowerment by Victoria Fuller. Click image to see more of Victoria’s work.

Dave Caudill Blink Does Boston BlogSolo Dancer #32 by Dave Caudill. Click image to see more of Dave’s work.Len Harris Blink Does Boston BlogFlamenco by Len Harris. Click image to see more of Len’s work!ASID Poster_Centerpieces for Celebration_lowres finalEach Blink Artist’s work will be available to purchase night of Celebration!


Chelsea Tucker, Director of Development and Artist Liaisons, will be attending the ASID Conference and Celebration! She would love to answer any of your questions or set up a time to talk!


P: 317.501.7236