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Red, White and Bang!

Fireworks are a HUGE part of the Fourth of July’s festivities! They are big, bold and beautiful and demand our attention – there’s no way you can miss them!  Non-representational artwork has the same magical and captivating quality and oddly reminds us of our favorite 4th of July fireworks!

Linda Lamore Art Design Consultants

Linda Lamore’s shimmering beauty reminds us of willow fireworks that captivate its viewers with a mesmerizing cascade of fizzling starbursts. 

Ekaterina Ermilkina

Ekaterina Ermilkina’s art is a show stopper with its light trails bursting with thick glittery tails resembling palm fireworks. Congrats to Ekaterina on her ACA Award! Click image to see all award winners!

Linda Fischer adc

Linda Fischer’s fire-cracking artwork radiates heat that pops and bursts into a thousand directions, which illuminate the night sky with fiery reds and yellows. Congrats to Linda on her ACA Award! Click image to see all award winners!

MBR interior 2

Mary Bar Rhodes’ scintillating works look like strobe fireworks and can light up any space with their quick bright flickers and flashes from the iridescent materials used. Congrats to Mary on her ACA Award! Click image to see more of her work!

phillip lavelle

Philip LaVelle’s eye catching art is a pistil firework with its central burst spinning into a color kaleidoscope! Click image to see more of Philip’s work!

wind flow photography adc

Wind Flow Photography’s smoldering image is eerily similar to the smoke that whispers throughout the night sky after the big celebration has finished! Congrats to Wind Flow Photography on their ACA Award! Click image to see all award winners!


Happy Fourth of July from our ADC family to yours! 


What’s your favorite firework?

Design Inspo: from that to this

When designing a space, decision making can seem daunting. Doesn’t it seem like there are endless options? It’s not that we don’t like anything enough to choose, it’s that we like too many to choose! Too many colors and too many styles suit our multidimensional personalities and it can make it difficult to settle on just one. Don’t let these choices stress you out! Take back the control by letting some of your favorite things—your favorite dessert, clutch, or pair of shoes—guide you through the design process.

It may seem outside the box, but it really works and is incredibly fun! Isn’t there a reason you love that {insert your favorite item here} so much?

Let the things you love most, inspire your space! What else could possibly make it more you?


Summer’s Sweet Treats

Bright and bold colors are this year’s “thing”, and so are macaroons! These fresh colors are energetic and lively; they keep us feeling youthful! But it doesn’t have to stop with color that pops! Mixing and matching patterns is also a popular trend. Here we brought some pattern up to the wall with this Paula Wiggins abstract.

Paula Wiggins_Art Design Consultants

Click image to see more of Paula’s work!


It’s in the Bag

All women have their favorite purse or clutch. It’s our ‘go to’ bag for a fun evening out. Let the style and color combination of your most beloved accessories help you create your space. Here we have a modern style hand bag with a modern twist. Its color layering and asymmetrical design is represented in this fabulously colorful Bonita Williams Goldberg painting.

Bonita Williams Goldberg

Click image to see more of Bonita Williams Goldberg’s works!


Ch-arm Chair

Think it’d be ridiculous to design an entire space around one piece of furniture you just can’t seem to get enough of? Well, I hate to say it out right, but you’d be wrong. If anything it’s the smart thing to do! Designing without a focus can lead to a space that doesn’t feel complete or uniform. To balance the bold colors in the chair choose the color that is least represented in the chair and use this as your wall color. By putting that teal/blue on the wall this brings forward all other colors in the chair, which are beautifully accented in Suzanne Fisher’s painting rather than lost.

suzanne fisher_ Art Design Consultants

Click image to see more of Suzanne’s works!


Mouth-watering Magic

Food is beautiful. And although we cannot all claim to have the talent of a chef in the kitchen we can still use it as inspiration. Our favorite foods encompass so many stunning colors. Strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and lavender sherbet (mm, frozen yogurt anyone?) are all represented in this contemporary piece by Karen Rolfes.

Karen Rolfes_Art Design Consultants

Click image to see more of Karen’s work!


Your Toes Know

This season, I have seen women wearing the most gorgeous, bright, & fun shoes. We may not always think we know what we want, and what our personal tastes and style are—but I tell you this; our toes know. Let your favorite shoes help you pair the right colors together! This dark room is enlivened with bright strings of color from Sabina Pauta Pieslak’s piece!

Sabina Pauta Pieslak

Click image to see more of Sabina Pauta Pieslak’s work!


Love the Results

If you begin by choosing the things you are certain of—the things you know you love—and design from there, you are undoubtedly headed for success. Just as the things you love help define you, your space should reflect you and your one-of-a-kind personality!

Wake Up with Art!

Eggs, toast, bacon and a side of art? Yes, please! Art stimulates the mind, and uplifts and destresses! So get your morning jolt from an original work of art without the caffeine crash! The spaces in your home where people gather are the places you really want to highlight with great artwork to stimulate conversation and energy!

Frank Satogata I ADC Blog

click image to see more of Frank’s work!

Jonathan Mandell I ADC Blog

Click image to see more of Jonathan’s mosaics!

Jamie Van Landuyt I Art Design Consultants

Click image to see more of Jamie’s work!

Maureen Holub I ADC Blog

Click image to see more of Maureen’s work!

However, if you’re not one who prefers being woken up with a strong black & bold coffee sort of jolt—then choose artwork with soothing blues and greys.

ADC Blog

Click image to see more of Rosemarie’s work!

Jolie Harris I ADC Blog

Click image to see more of Jolie’s work!

Eugene B Avergon I ADC Blog

Click image to see more of Eugene’s work!

The right piece of art is the perfect necessary addition to a breakfast nook to start your day off right.


Are you interested in the availability of the above artwork? Please call us at 513-723-1222 or email for more information!

Art for Book Nooks

Sometimes the best parts of a space are the little hidden away corners where we have designed a sweet & small safe haven. These are the places we unwind, daydream, and gather with friends & family. When it comes to design, these nooks & crannies of our home are often overlooked. Isn’t it about time we give them a little love?

Safe Haven

We all have that favorite chair we love to curl up in with a blanket and good book. This is the place we sit to escape after a long hard workday, drink wine on Saturday night and take naps on Sunday afternoon. If you have a book display, adding a colorful piece of artwork will help utilize the beautiful book designs by pulling out the wonderful colors of their spines and the beautiful disheveled nature of their “organization.”

Annie Rodrigue I Art Design Consultants

Click image to see more of Annie Rodrigue’s work

Elizabeth Barber Leventhal I Art Design Consultants

Click image to see more of Elizabeth Barber Leventhal’s work.

Lisa Schaefer I Art Design Consultants

Click image to see more of Lisa Schafer’s work.

Philip LaVelle I Art Design Consultants

Click image for more of Philip LaVelle’s work.

Allison Banzhaf I Art Design Consultants

Even small artwork that carries sentimental value can have a profound impact in your special spot! Click image to see more of Allison Banzhaf’s work.

Annette Cargil I Art Design Consultants

Click image to see more of Annette Cargil’s work.

Rebecca Koury I Art Design Consultants

Click image to see more of Rebecca Koury’s work.

Careful, now. Once you put that painting on the wall you may never leave your nook. Better start making that list of novels you’ve always wanted to read…