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Art and Atmosphere

I’m all about Winter Cleaning! Why wait until Spring to declutter, organize and give your space a color upgrade with a wow-worthy piece of art! With the New Year comes determined resolutions and thought-out planning – and I strongly believe that the right art and atmosphere motivates you to succeed!

Improving your space can help you stay on track, improve your mood and increase your energy. We are all strongly influenced by our surroundings. Why not immerse yourself in a space that helps you accomplish all you set out to do.


Out with the Old, In with the New

What better time than the New Year to get rid of the things you don’t need or use. It can be refreshing—and freeing—to clear out all the unnecessary “stuff” in our lives. A decluttered space allows a room to breathe as well as your mind. As they say…”less is more!” Minimal design does not mean your space has to feel sterile or cold, but instead simplified.

Shane Robinson I Blink Art Resource

Click here to view more of Shane Robinson’s works I Blink Artist

Sun Spots by Jamie Van Landuyt I Art and Atmosphere Bog - Art Design Consultants

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Fresh and Focused

Certain colors and shapes increase energy and focus. If you’re trying to get work done, surround yourself with an atmosphere that will keep you productive. Environment affects mood. Mood effects energy. Energy feeds ambition.

Renee DeCarlo Johnson I Blink Art Resource

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Susanne Scherette King I Blink Art Resource

Click image to see more of Susanne Scherette King’s work I Blink Artist


Soothe and Destress

If your resolution was to stress less and relax more, begin by creating a space that invites you to do so. A soothing bedroom with soft colors, and luxurious linens will help you unwind from long days. A spa like bathroom will entice you to take more bubble baths.

Brad Robertson I Art Design Consultants

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Ken Rausch I Art Design Company

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If your 2015 plan is to be more positive, find love or go out on more dates with your spouse, or even simply to take more risks—adding some color to your life could help tremendously. Bright colors give us energy, increase happiness, and even influence self-confidence.

Eco Friendly Art

Think the only people “going green” are tree huggers and vegetarians? Well, think again. As sustainable design becomes more and more popular, I’m frequently asked by friends and clients, “How can the art I choose be environmentally friendly?

Although it may seem an overly simple notion, original artwork rarely gets thrown away. Instead, it gets passed down from generation to generation as a prized family heirloom. You can’t get any more eco-friendly than that! Recycling artwork—even if only for nostalgia’s sake—is still thinking ‘green.’


Art Goes Natural 

When designing green, don’t just design ‘eco’— design ‘eco chic!” There is no need to compromise quality artwork for sustainable artwork. Get the best of both worlds! One of my favorite artists, Ursula Brenner, uses “green” materials such as beeswax and recycled birch or maple wood panels to create her encaustics. The outcome is not only beautiful, richly textured artwork, but you can feel good knowing her choice of materials have been chosen carefully and are environmentally friendly.

Ursula Brenner I Art Design Consultants

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The Richness of Copper

As a kid, it was always so exciting to discover a shiny copper penny lying in the street. (“Find a penny pick it up, then all day you’ll have good luck!”) Lately, I have been completely infatuated with copper artwork, just like a kid with a penny. Copper artwork works gorgeously in both indoor and outdoor spaces (and in my personal opinion will bring you much more than just a day’s worth of luck). Imagine my excitement when I learn that copper is one of earth’s most sustainable materials—100% recyclable!

Eco-Friendly Copper works by Ken Rasuch I Art Design Consultants

Click image to see more of Ken Rausch’s works.

Eco-Friendly Copper by Ken Rausch I Art Design Consultants

Click image to see more of Ken Rausch’s works.

Copper work by this artist, Ken Rausch, has an “earthy” appeal, yet is rich in color.

Copper Works by Ken Rausch I Art Design Consultants

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Outdoor Copper by Ken Rausch I Art Design Consultants

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Eco Friendly Frames

Fotiou Frames, one of our favorite manufacturers, creates beautiful and classic frames made in Italy and Spain. Beyond being incredibly rich in color and quality, they are also (drum roll please) eco friendly! Their factory works with wood such as bamboo, exotic limber veneer, cherry, olive and maple.

black and White Fotiou Frame I Art Design Consultants

Black and White Fotiou Frame

Gold Fotiou Frame I Art Design Consultants

Gold Fotiuo Frame

Karen Sheer I Fotiou Moulding 6308SI and 6307SI I Art Design Consultants

Painting by Karen Sheer with Silver Fotiou Frame. Click image to see more of Karen Sheer’s work.


So, Go Green!

Above all, what I will never fail to express to friends and clients determined to go green is that you do not (I repeat, you do not) have to compromise style to be kind to the environment. So go—be green. Be chic. Lastly, after your design is complete and you’re head over heels in love with the final look, if you feel so inclined as to thank Mother Nature, go ahead and hug a tree.

Spice up your Kitchen with Art!

I love artwork to fill every space that it can in a house, and more often than not the kitchen is the most overlooked when placing fine art. With many homeowners opting for open floor plans and floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, it seems like you wouldn’t be able to find space for much else. But there is always room for art!

Selecting artwork for the kitchen and dining area is always my favorite, because it’s a place for family to come together, share in conversation and take delight in creating a dish, and for you at-home chefs a place for inspiration and creativity! Large, stainless steel appliances can often make the kitchen feel sterile and unwelcoming, but adding pops of color and sentimentality with art instantly warms the space!


If You Can’t Stand the Heat…

For kitchens, I always try selecting artwork that will be framed and behind glass, so it’s protected from potential kitchen spills!


Click image to view more of Elizabeth LaPenna’s work.


Art for All

Kitchens are a high-traffic areas, which makes them great environments to highlight a piece of significant value or sentimentality.

Maureen Holub I Blink Art Resource

Click image to view more of Maureen Holub’s work.

Looking East by Lynne Bowden I Blink Art Resource

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All Around Color

Placing artwork on or above kitchen shelving brings color upwards onto bland walls.

Fog Mirror by Brian Truono I Art Design Consultants

Click image to view more of Brian Truono’s work.

Ken Landon Buck I Blink Art Resource

Click image to view more of Ken Landon Buck’s work.

Original Drawings by Ryan D. Jacque I Blink Art Resource

Click image to view more of Ryan D. Jacque’s work.


No Window, No Problem

For those kitchens that don’t have a window above a sink place a large artwork that offers depth and a unique perspective.

Coaldale Door by K. Randall Wilcox I Art Design Consultants

Click image to view more of K. Randall Wilcox’s work.

Winter is perfect for spending time in the kitchen with friends and family testing out new recipes and catching up, so create a warm and welcoming space by adding color and spice with art!

Heal with Art!

Artwork is powerful and impactful. It can influence human emotion, mindset and mood. When others need encouragement, a beautiful environment can make arduous times less stressful; bringing forth feelings of optimism and hope. Where is this power put to better use than in healthcare facilities where the space impacts the patients, their families, and staff alike? As new hospitals go up, and current ones renovate, both design and fine art are changing people’s first impression of healthcare environments.



An inviting and comforting design can redirect focus; reminding those who enter that a hospital is a place to receive help and rest. This is a place to see improvement, and begin to feel well again.

Bright works add cheer and whimsy.

Healthcare Art I Suzanne Fisher I Art Design Consultants

Click photo to see more of Suzanne Fisher’s work.

Soft colors and horizontal lines sooth and ease worried minds.

Healthcare Art I Brad Robertson I ADC, Art Design Consultants

Click Photo to see more of Brad Robertson’s work.



While waiting rooms begin to quell feelings of anxiety, the most important person to influence with artwork is the patient. In patients’ rooms it is critical to keep the appropriate colors and textures in mind. Colors that sooth, like blues and greens, not only help the patients relax, but also brings the beauty of the outdoors inside to them.

Textured and colorful works are playful and engaging in children’s rooms.

Healthcare Art I Jennie Schut I Blink Art Resource

Click photo to see more of Jennie Schut’s work I Blink Artist

Works on canvas with a linen liner are light and welcoming.

Healthcare Art I Kevin Poole I Art Design Consultants

Click photo to see more of Kevin Poole’s work.

Large photographic murals instantly pique interest and engage patients in a new perspective, allowing them to take their mind off of the visit at hand.

Healthcare Art I Henry Domke I Blink

Click photo to see more of Henry Domke’s work I Blink Artist



It’s not just the patients that desperately need positive energy. Hardworking hospital staff are often weighed down by the number of hours they work and the lingering thoughts of each patient’s progress. By bringing color and softness to the staff’s space you’ll lighten their mind and mood when it’s needed most.

Healthcare Art I Art Design Consultants

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So whether you’re selecting artwork for a doctor’s office or for an entire hospital wing, keep these tips in mind to make the space uplifting and restorative.