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Pro Tips on How to Hang Artwork

Interior Design Tips for Hanging Art and Decor I At Home or in the Office

Buying artwork is exhilarating from the moment you spot it in a gallery and know it’s “the one” to the ride home where you can’t stop staring at it! Falling in love is the easy part, but it’s when you get home that you’re faced with the daunting task of hanging the artwork. At this point the questions begin to swirl around. Should I hang the artwork at a certain height? Will the art I just purchaed go with my existing art? Should I have the artwork framed? The first thing is to not be overwhelmed because the all the answers are simply yes!

Between the colors, the composition, the subject matter and the texture, artwork has the amazing versatility to transform your space when paired with other home furnishings. Whether you’re looking to hang one piece of art at home or complete an arrangement for an office space, use these easy tips to confidently hang artwork like a pro!


If you are hanging one piece


1 art inteior

Click image to see more of Julia McLemore’s work.

Everyone’s eye level varies because we’re all different heights, but a rule of thumb at the our art gallery is to hang the center of the artwork at 58 inches from the floor. Even if you’re a little taller or shorter this height still showcases the artwork for everyone to admire. There are some exceptions to this rule like if you have low ceilings, then adjust accordingly.

This also keeps a consistent visual distribution of artwork throughout your home.

Step-by-step guide to hanging art

  1. From the floor, measure 58” and mark with a pencil.
  2. Measure the height of the artwork, including the frame, and divide this number in half.
  3. Add the measurement in step to the 58” pencil mark and make a new mark. This will be where the top of your artwork will rest.
  4. On the backside of the artwork you’ll find the wire, pull this with one finger to get the wire at full tension, then measure this distance from the top of the wire to the top of the frame.
  5. Subtract the measurement in step 4 from the pencil mark you made in step 3 and mark with a pencil.
  6. Place your nail or hanger on the second pencil mark. If you’re using a nail with a j-hook support, be sure that the bottom of the hook is resting on the pencil mark, not the nail.
  7. Go ahead and hammer this into the wall!

If you aren’t able to use the 58” rule due to a sofa still keep step number two in mind. Instead of measuring from the floor up, you will hold the artwork in place and mark where the top of the artwork meets the wall. At this point you’ll measure down from the mark instead of up!

Tada! A perfectly hung piece of art!

3 art inteior

Click image to see more of Brian Goodman’s work.

TIP: If you’re hanging artwork above a sofa leave at least 6 inches of space between the object and the artwork.


If you are hanging more than one piece


4 art inteior

Click image to see more of Alicia Dunn’s work.

Before you begin treat your gallery wall as one collection that incorporates a similar color palette. When arranging and hanging more than one piece of artwork begin with the biggest piece first.  It’s best to incorporate the piece towards the bottom of the wall and put it off center.

TIP: Make sure to give the artwork room to breathe with 3 or 4 inches of space between each piece.  Overcrowding never looks good.


2 art inteior1

Click work to see more of Rae Broyles’ work.

5 art inteior

Click image to see more of Dave Romero’s work

If you’re going for a more salon style wall balance the large artwork by using a variety of medium and smaller works to create one visual experience. It’s easy to look at an artwork and see it as a standalone piece, but once you begin to incorporate different textures and mediums your wall will pop! Offset salon style walls are playful and quirky.

If you’re going for a more conservative display of artwork then stick to one medium and color palette and align the artworks in a grid. This is always a go to for a sophisticated display. We love the examples Driven by Decor uses in her blog here.

USE A TEMPLATE for multiple artworks

Pre Design your art wall with brown paper

Image from Better Homes and Gardens

When hanging three or more works, it’s easiest to use a template. Use brown craft paper to cut out the sizes of the artwork and tape them to the wall to test out multiple arrangements to see which you like best! You’ll save on time and frustration!

When Every room and every piece of art is a unique situation, but when looking how to hang artwork keep our tips in mind and you can’t go wrong!


Have a large project or a wall that’s too high up to reach?

Matt installing artwork

Our Master Framer and Installer Matt is making sure everything is perfectly level before he finishes up the job.

Art Design Consultants offers professional installation services. Call us to schedule a free art consultation today at 513-723-1222

Award Winning Artists

A stunning original artwork will never go unnoticed, so why not be certain the art in your space is the best of the best? Why not put an award winning piece in your home or office?

In addition to “loving it,” this takes your artwork above and beyond—certifying its merit and worth. Apart from the emotional connection we can so deeply have with a work of art, achievement such as these provide us with confidence we’ve chosen the right piece! This week we’re highlighting six spectacular artists who received Gallery Contract Awards from this year’s Art Comes Alive.



Our first gallery contract award winner as well as purchase award winner, Karen Robey creates intricate feminine forms that are nature inspired. Karen is a self-trained artist who possess a lifetime of broad exposure, desire, and understanding of the visual arts, music, and business profession. This series “Botanicalia” embraces all that nature has to offer. With sharpened pencil in hand Karen creates exquisite, yet imaginary, drawings that are inspired by the delicate beauty of the outdoors.

karen robey_



Cindy as an eye for detail, precision, composition and color, and these are beautifully married in her abstract works. Her works mesmerize with multi-layers of metallic and paint mediums. She is from the school of thought that in order to be a great abstract painter, you must be a traditional one first. This is why on any given day, you can catch Cindy in her studio working on a captivating sculpture or mixed media piece, while waiting for the layers of one of her realistic oil paintings to dry.

cindy avroch

Click image to see more of Cindy’s work.


After two decades as an electronics engineer and strategic marketing executive working in the semiconductor industry Dave Romero made a plan to start his own business as a professional photographer. Dave’s photographs illustrate confidence and precision. Their scale and visual impact are breathtaking. Viewed from a distance, Dave’s work offers bold strokes of colorful geometry, but up close, they are a wealth of fine detail that leaves the viewer eternally captivated.

dave romero 2

Click image to see more of Dave’s work.

Dave Romero_Vortex

Click image to see more of Dave’s work.


Jamie received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Painting, and worked as a graphic artist and in sales for nearly ten years. In 2010, she rekindled her passion for abstract painting, and developed an eye for home design. Jamie’s artworks emphasize color, texture, and layering to create one unforgettable statement piece that pairs perfectly with a traditional or contemporary home.

jamie VL_spring fling

Click image to see more of Jamie’s work.


Jolie’s work is about the exploration of the evocative emotional power of random patterns and visual events in nature. Feeling straight from the heart is squeezed through the tube and brushstroked onto the canvas. Built layer on layer, the works draw the viewer into intricate, richly textured and expressive surfaces. As an avowed colorist, Jolie draws in paint, vibrant or subdued, to create visceral and lyrical all-over compositions comprised of organic and biomorphic shapes.

jolie harris




Are you interested in the availability of the above artwork? Please call Elizabeth, ADC’s Gallery Director, at 513-723-1222 or email for more information!

Healing with Art: A Cincinnati Children’s Project

Art Design Consultants is thrilled to partner with Cincinnati Children’s, one of the oldest and most distinguished pediatric hospitals in the nation, on their new construction! We’ve done business with Cincinnati Children’s for nearly half a decade, but most recently our senior art consultant Allison Banzhaf completed an extensive art consulting project for the Clinical Sciences Pavilion, where she spearheaded the selecting, framing and installing over 600 works of art!Clinical Sciences Pavilion

Art Design Consultants worked with a group of other passionate and creative design experts to outfit the Clinical Sciences Pavilion with artwork. Other organizations involved were Cincinnati Children’s Design, Construction, and Space Management, Kolar Design Associates, ArtWorks, and Messer Construction.

Allison Banzhaf

As Senior Art Consultant her job entails project time projection, helping clients choose the right artwork & custom/contract framing, and seeing each client through to the day of delivery and installation. Allison has been our leading lady for consistently bringing in new projects and new clients for the past ten years.

It was Allison who cultivated and nurtured the relationship with Cincinnati Children’s over the past five years, coordinating artwork selection and framing for the hospital, and we’re excited to share what an amazing job she did with the Clinical Sciences Pavilion! Just wait until you see the artwork!


Artwork selection for a new build is a very involved process and starts months, if not years, before the location of a site is complete. This was the case for the Clinical Sciences Pavilion, which took over three years to construct. But where to even begin selecting artwork for a 15 story, 450,000 square foot building?

Most often organizations reinforce their brand in subtle ways throughout the location, the most popular being through paint color. But artwork is another great way to communicate a message about the company without words.

The Clinical Sciences Pavilion features more than 600 pieces of artwork, over 300 of which are one-of-a-kind, research-themed pieces created through community engagement sessions by staff, patients and families, students, and community members. The remaining half of the artworks were created by local, national and international artists.

While the bones of the building were being raised, Allison worked diligently with Cincinnati Children’s Design, Construction, and Space Management, Kolar Design Associates, and ArtWorks on artist selection, proposals, and community engagement sessions.

Allison Designer with Blink screen

It takes a skilled eye to understand color and dimensions, select artist and artworks for a proposal with just an architectural floor plan.

Hours of research went into finding exactly the right artists that had unique and engaging works to match the Science inspired theme. It’s time spent reviewing websites and artist statements, examining their color palettes and textures, and working with artists on available inventory and commissioned works.

Now over 120 unique works of art are part of this permanent healthcare collection, over a quarter of which being commissions by artists sourced from ADC’s own Blink Art Resource. The largest artwork is a colorful perforated aluminum sculpture by Shelley Parriott that greets guests with bright colors as they enter.



The Clinical Sciences Pavilion nests between the hospital’s main clinical care center and the research tower. This positioning is symbolic and functional, and reflects Cincinnati Children’s mission to connect researchers and clinicians for more collaborations and faster translation of innovations from the lab bench to a patient’s bedside.

“While the origin of each piece is unique and varied, the goal is the same: inspire the collaborative effort of researchers and clinicians in their pursuit of advancing medicine.” – Cincinnati Children’s website

Artwork chosen resembles microscopic views of organic shapes, swirling plasma, or petri-dishes glowing with electric color. Yes, there is even petri-dish art, which was perfect for this project! The amorphous forms in the artwork seemingly float on the walls only contained by their frames.

ADC Childrens Hospital 01ADC Childrens Hospital 17

ADC Childrens Hospital 18ADC-Childrens-Hospital-09CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL IMAGES FROM THE PROJECT

Not only did Allison do a fantastic job on artwork selection with the team of designers, but she also contracted the framing of 600+ works! This isn’t always the easiest. As artists experiment with different materials and creative expressions they often move away from the standard square canvas. They create beautiful works that are challenging to displayed.ADC-Childrens-Hospital-20

As art consultants we’re not only creative, but also problem solvers. We not only consider the artwork, but we also have to consider form and functionality of the piece in a space.

That’s where Art Design Consultants’ expertise comes in. To achieve the aesthetic needed for this particular piece (above), Allison worked with our master framers to create a custom fixture with a plexi-glass box and support backing to showcase the work’s delicate form and invite conversation. Rather than recessing the piece in a shadow box, this design opens up the room and radiates color. This is just one of the many creative solutions employed during the project.


From the “State of the Field Report: Arts in Healthcare,” artwork has proven to  be a therapeutic healing tool to not only cultivate a positive environment for patients, especially children, through color and engagement, but also to aid in their physical, mental and emotional recovering, including relieving anxiety and decreasing the perception of pain. There is also a significant impact artwork has on staff members. It reduces caregiver stress which greatly influences the effectiveness in providing care, reducing errors and improving job satisfaction.

There is still a great need for healthcare facilities from doctors’ offices and retirement homes to dentistry practices and physical therapy centers to include artwork in their spaces to increase wellness and happiness in their patients. Whether the patient is in long-term care or waiting for a short period before seeing a doctor, the impact of an art-filled environment still has tremendous effects that brighten and uplift.

Call us at 513-723-1222 to schedule a free art consultation!







ACA, Art Comes Alive Recap!


“It has been a wonderful experience to be a part of this year’s show.  I am amazed at the wonderful awards I received last night. I am very excited and can’t wait to be in New York at the Artexpo. What an amazing award!  Not to mention the award for Nature Artist of the Year. I am so pleased that I can show others what colored pencil fine artists can produce. Thank you for all that you do for artists. The ADC team is a Cincinnati treasure.” – Donna M. Schwarz, ACA Artist and Award Winner

Wow! What an incredible evening we shared with friends, family and artists! This was a milestone year for Art Comes Alive (ACA), as we held the award ceremony in the School of Creative and Performing Arts’ Corbett Theater. This elevated the event and really created an atmosphere deserving of the nickname “The Academy Awards for Artists”!


The awards competition and exhibit grows in size and caliber each year, the international panel of 22 jurors selected 180 works of art from an extensive pool of over 1500 entered. Works included paintings, sculpture, mixed media, fine craft art and in all styles and subjects!






We celebrated a record year with over $250,000 and 100 awards to artists. Prior to opening night we sold over 44 works of art to our corporate and private Purchase Award Partners with sales continuing to pour in!

Award Winners can be found HERE


Litsa Spanos and Karen Robey, ACA Artist, smiling ear to ear as she accepts her second award of the night!


Our “Artists of the Year” stand together to take a quick snapshot. There is so much incredible talent on the stage!

Our goal is to create opportunities for artists of all levels in their career –  from emerging and mid-career to established professionals –  to help them be more successful. Through ACA, we help artists make valuable contacts, gain exposure and sell their work to new corporate and private collectors. Our team works diligently months ahead to guarantee the success of this event. We partner with art dealers, gallery owners, publishers, corporate buyers and private collectors so they can come together from all over the country to present awards to artists.



After the Awards Ceremony, everyone headed back to ADC’s “Gallery in the Sky”. As they walked the red carpet they were greeted by our amazing photographer Deogracias Lerma who snapped a picture before going upstairs to see the show.



ACA attendees meeting and mingling, and having a great time over fabulous food and drink. Who wouldn’t enjoy themselves surrounded by all that beauty. No matter where you looked there was stunning artwork or sweeping city views!


ACA Artist and winner, Karen Rolfes, hanging her award ribbons next to her work!


ADC and Cushman and Wakefield, one of ACA’s Presenting Purchase Award Partners, take a moment to snap a picture with photographer Brian Truono (pictured in the middle). They selected his stunning Cincinnati skyline to be placed in their downtown offices.


Gallery Director, Elizabeth Davis, pictured with artist Kevin Grass who was the winner of “Best in Show”! A well-deserved award with his incredible photo-realistic, allegorical painting!


To all of our ACA Artists you are the inspiration and motivation behind this incredible event! Thank you to our Jurors and Partners we wouldn’t be able to celebrate our artists to the extent that we do without you! And thank you to our local community, friends and family who came out to support us!

Be sure to find us and like us on Facebook to view photos from the entire night!