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A Holiday Thank You

Now that the holidays are upon us and in the spirit of season, I would like to take a minute and thank all of you for being part of ADC’s journey this year. From our incredible clients, to the talented artists we work with every day, we couldn’t have done it without your support, loyalty and friendship.  I am so grateful to have all of you in my life.



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You are the  backbone of the business.  You allow us to do your framing and put art into your offices, restaurants, medical facilities and homes. You believe in all the good that art brings!

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Gretchen Theissen, APG office, with her husband, and Kristie Wiggins, Eagle Realty, with her husband Chad from Radiology Group.

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Paul Darwish from Graydon Head Law congratulation artist Bonita Williams after purchasing her artwork.

One of our favorite things to do is create beautiful and inviting spaces for you!


Omnicare, corporate headquarters, Cincinnati Ohio


Of course, where would we be without all the artists we have the pleasure of working with every day? Thank you for creating work that is not only beautiful, but meaningful to those it touches. We are truly humbled by your talent and dedication to your craft.

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We gave over $135,000 in awards to artists at this year’s ACA!

Kate Messer Photography 2014

Myself, Karen Rolfes, Jackie Phillips accepting on behalf of Tina Gleave, Donald Schuster, and Mary Barr Rhodes. ACA Awards 2014.

mag blink_1

By publishing Blink, we’re helping artists succeed by putting their artwork at the fingertips of buyers nationally!


I’m so grateful to have such a talented team at ADC who make it happen every day! Your hard work, dedication and loyalty is what makes the business run so smoothly and our clients so happy!


Rachael More, Elizabeth Davis, Allison Banzhaf, Chris Bungenstock, myself, Sandy Eichert, Matt Estenfelder and Kevin Poole


I am very grateful to have received the Woman Owned Business of the Year awarded by the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber last December! It’s a dream come true! 


My family in Greece before we moved to the U.S. (Petros, myself, Sylvia Rombis, and Sophia) and myself winning Woman Owned Business of the Year.

 Litsa’s Acceptance Speech: A Dedication to her Parents



Van, Sophia, Angel, and Hanna inspire me every day to do the best job possible. They are everything. I am grateful for their love, advice, guidance and help! Thank you for being so supportive of what I do and the long hours I work! 

Holiday blog 1

My daughters, Hanna, myself, Angel and Sophia.

Holiday blog 2

My husband Van Spanos and brother-in-law, Tom Barnhart, our favorite bartenders, always ready to help!


In memory of my dear friend Vanessa who we lost this year, let’s all pledge to Live Sincerely and make a point to be kind and generous to those around us. I learned the importance of this from her. She taught me that every day is special.  Pledge to Live Sincerely HERE


A portrait of Vanessa from the SCAR Project


Make a vow this year to give back to the people in your community. The causes ADC supports mean so much to us.


My final wish for you…Peace of mind, prosperity throughout the year, health for you and yours, fun around every corner, energy to chase your dreams and joy to fill your Holidays!



ADC Holiday Party Recap!

Wow! What a wonderful Holiday Party and Art Sale last Friday! Thank you to our clients, artists, friends and family who joined us, and with such an enthusiastic holiday spirit!


SOLD! The First and B I G G E S T Sale of the Night! 


A 5 x 7 painting by Kevin Poole found a new home with collectors Cheryl and Roger Dean.

Giving Back to the Community!

And because of YOU, the Male Cancer Support Center (MCSC) received an outstanding monetary gift to go towards its cause! Many of you remember ADC’s support of Breast Cancer through the SCAR Project, well this time it’s all about the boys! As the first non-profit specifically geared towards men, the MCSC has a commending mission to provide a safe, comfortable and supportive environment for men living with cancer while raising awareness, raising funds and gaining support throughout our communities. To learn more visit MCSC’s website or read their article in Venue Magazine!


Elizabeth Davis, Gallery Director at Art Design Consultants with Nigel Chalkley, founder of the Male Cancer Support, and myself.

We Love Our Clients! 

It was a great celebrating seasonal cheer with old friends and making new ones.


Matt West and Debbie Stein with KMK Law, along with Mike Stein.


Pam Irvin, Kolar Design and Paul Darwish, Graydon Head.


Moira Gettens, Oswald Company and myself.


Allison Banzhaf, Senior Art Consultant at Art Design Consultants and Andrew Benson, Morgan Stanley (Event Sponsor).


Great Artists Showcased!

Here at ADC, we are committed to showcasing the diverse artistic community and helping our talented artists succeed! It is such a fulfilling feeling to have multiple genres and mediums represented at one show, and a great testament as to how different works can come together in the home or office without disrupting the room’s flow or energy! We had a striking encaustic by Tom Owen, wonderful photographic works by Marc Wavra and Brian Truono, mesmerizing mixed media abstracts by Jeannine Dostal and Mary Barr Rhodes, a compilation of Kevin Poole and Ken Rausch works, and who could forget Karin Sheer’s lithe little butterflies – just to name a few!


Luke Markham, ADC Artist Brian Truono and his lovely wife Kori Truono.

 We could not have put on such an incredible evening without our wonderful artists and event sponsors!

Corporate Sponsor I Morgan Stanley

Wine Sponsor I Robert Mondavi Private Selection

Beer Sponsor I 50 West Brewing Company

Food Sponsors I Aladdin’s Eatery


To view more event photos visit ADC’s Facebook page! Be sure to like the page, share and tag yourself in the photos!

Set the Table II

Set the Table is back! (View last year’s post here).

Thanksgiving is such a meaningful holiday to me, because it’s all about slowing life down a little, reminding ourselves to be thankful for each and every moment, and coming together with friends and family through the comfort of good conversation and food (yum!).

When you’re getting ready to entertain family and guests nothing sets the scene better than a vibrant artwork! The warmth and energy of a piece of art immediately forms a cheering and engaging environment for you and yours to enjoy, and to create another year of memories.


pentimento II

Click photo to view more of Ursula Brenner’s work I Blink artist

toni rhodes_icy harbor

Click photo to view more of Toni Rhodes’ work.


Click photo to view more of Jan Wagstaff’s work.

rausch copper

Click photo to view more of Ken Rausch’s work I Blink artist



Click photo to view more of Elizabeth LaPenna’s work I Blink artist


Click photo to view more of Robbie Kemper’s work.

When entertaining, another great way to add seasonal flare and instantly brighten your holiday spread is by framing prints and rotating them throughout the year!

Tapestry flowers

Click photo to view more of ADC’s prints.


Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at ADC! 

Make an Entrance

First impressions are extremely powerful. We all strive to put our best face forward, whether it is through a solid handshake, our wardrobe, or a friendly smile. But initial perceptions go beyond that of  the individual. Our home & office should make a grand first impression too, which is why after years of working in the art business I continue to stress the importance of choosing the right piece of artwork for the entrance of your space!


Click photo to view more of Leslie Dyas’ work.


Click photo to view more of Elizabeth Foley’s work.

The first piece of artwork someone sees when they walk into your space is what sets the tone for the rest of their experience. Through this initial design, your style—the mood & energy of the space—are immediately understood. You want the entrance to be welcoming, memorable, and enticing.

Colors Energize and instantly create an engaging and inviting space. 


Click photo to see more of Jeannine Dostal’s work.

Earth tones bring warmth and comfort. 

helfert sullam

Click photo to view more of JoAnne Helfert-Sullam’s work.

Large artwork visually simplifies a space, which creates a relaxing atmosphere—making the most out of minimal design.


Click photo to view more of Cathy Breslaw’s work.

High contrast creates strong, dynamic visual impact. Dark walls with pops of white or white walls with pops of colors create a refreshing space.


Click photo to view more of William Neill’s work I Blink artist


Click photo to view more of Elizabeth Barber Leventhal’s work.

A common saying is to make your “house a home.” Why not have your guests or clients feeling ‘at home’ right away?  Through an inviting first impression, your guests or clients will want to stick around, come back again, and tell their friends.