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Purchase Awards: ACA Sells Your Artwork!

The countdown is on! There are only 9 days left to ENTER ACA!

Do you dream of selling your art to corporate and private collectors? Art Comes Alive makes that happen!

There are so many facets that make ACA a one-of-a-kind event from the incredible artwork to our fantastic jurors, but one of the most exciting parts is selling artists’ work before the doors even open for the awards ceremony and exhibit reception!

This is all thanks to our art-loving Partners who make a dollar value commitment long before the artwork even arrives. That’s how excited they are to see your work!



That’s right we have over $60,000 of artwork that is essentially already sold!

ACA is unlike other art competitions, because we don’t just have prestigious Jurors looking at your work and considering you for their galleries and publications, we actually sell artists’ work! At last year’s ACA we sold 44 works of art even before the doors to the show opened. That’s simply unheard of in art contests, but we’re glad to make it happen for our artists.

How do we do this? The week before the opening reception, our Purchase Award Partners get a “VIP” perk and view the top 150+ pieces before anyone else to select their favorites worth their partnership amount. To a collector this is like being a kid in a candy store except their sweet-toothed palate now has a taste for decadent artworks that radiate with color and style!


“Art Comes Alive was an incredible art opportunity for me and my career! I entered for the chance at one of the great art awards, and not only was I accepted into the exhibit, but ended up winning two awards! My work now hangs as part of PwC’s corporate collection in their Columbus office!”  – Linda Fischer, ACA 2015 Award Winner


Linda’s fiery abstract with cooling greys was the perfect artwork for PwC’s new office in Columbus, OH. (Also pictured is Kevin Caron’s 3D printed sculpture).



Just like our Jurors (who we introduced in last week’s blog), our Purchase Award Partners are looking for artwork of all shapes, sizes, mediums, and styles.  It could be a photographic print on aluminum of the Grand Canyon, a small mixed media abstract that looks like a pile of glinting treasure, or a stunning bronze sculpture with slender limbs.

While we welcome back some of our favorite Purchase Award Partners, we’re excited to introduce a handful of new Partners who are eager to see and purchase your work!


CW_Logo_Color   Graydon Head


ACT Insurance    APG    Assured Partners Jeff Thomas   KMK Law   Kuy Plastic Surgery


Felicia Williams Private Partner   Print

*Thanks to our private partner Felicia Williams


Calfee   Patty Hord Private Partner   TriState Financial

*Thanks to our private partner Patty Hord


CK Comey   George Wilkinson Private Partner   Rhinegeist Sterling Cut Glass   Michael and Molly Private Partners

*Thanks to our private partners George Wilkinson, and Michael and Molly Prues

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to gain exposure and win awards!





Send an email to Elizabeth at or give her a call at 513-723-1222.

Meet Our 2016 ACA Jurors!

Art Comes Alive is here to provide artists with the best art opportunities and gain invaluable access to industry professionals. Every year we are adding incredible Jurors from the nation’s hot art spots like Palm Desert, CA (HOHMANN) and Chicago, IL (Zhou B Art Center). We even have an international opportunity for an artist to win a Gallery Contract Award in London (Wyecliffe Galleries)! Yes, London!


What is a Gallery Contract Award? It’s a phenomenal opportunity for artists to be represented by a new gallery. It could be a gallery in a different city or that gallery you’ve been dying to represent you in your hometown. Many artists try to score their own sales, but working with a gallery is one of the most coveted relationships in the art industry, because of their sheer volume of clientele and their networking capabilities.  Gallery owners are always receiving new projects to outfit with art!


Gallery Contracts aren’t the only coveted awards Art Comes Alive offers our artists, but invaluable exposure at international art expos like SPECTRUM Miami during Art Week Miami, Artexpo New York, Art San Diego and Art Santa Fe with Solo Booth Awards.

ACA is an artist opportunity for artists working in all mediums

Interested in landing access to the world of art publications? Art Comes Alive also provides this opportunity. We partner with Edition’s Limited and Studio EL, the leading art publishers and distributors of fine art reproductions. Winning a Publishing Contract Award at Art Comes Alive is a great supplementary income in addition to the art sales you’re already receiving throughout the year.

We could go on and on about all the exciting awards our Jurors are presenting this year, but we’ll let you see for yourself below! The best thing about our Jurors is that they are looking for every type of art from eloquent abstracts and romantic florals to breathtaking landscapes and stunning sculptures to classic black and white photography, and much more!

Take a look at what we’ve lined up for you at Art Comes Alive 2016!


Litsa Spanos | Cincinnati, OH | 4 Gallery Contract Awards and 1 Student Gallery Contract

2Sylvia-headerSylvia Rombis | Cincinnati, OH | 1 Gallery Contract Award

2roy-scrollerRoy Saper | East Lansing, MI | 1 Gallery Contract Award

2eric-scrollerEric Smith | New York, NY | Artexpo New York, SPECTRUM Miami, and Art Santa Fe Solo Booth Award, 1 Artist per show

Autumn-BaileyAutumn Bailey | Emeryville, CA | 2 Publishing Contract Awards


Jeff Hood | Knoxville, TN | 1 Gallery Contract Award


Joanne Chappell | Emeryville, CA | 4 Publishing Contract Awards


Veronique Hammons | Cincinnati, OH | 2 Gallery Contract Awards

matt-distel-header1Matt Distel | Covington, KY | Solo Show Exhibit, 1 Artist

Phil-Juror-ScrollPhil Davis | Washington, DC | $250 Honorarium and Front Feature, 1 Fine Craft Artist

venue-scrollSteve and Kim Wannamaker | Cincinnati, OH | The William Duebber Artist Award, two-page feature article, 1 Artist


Jason and Bonnie Mansour | Detroit, MI | 2 Gallery Contracts

Valerie-Phillips-ScrollValerie Phillips | Overland Park, KS | 1 Gallery Contract


Gary Handler | Atlanta, GA | 1 Gallery Contract


Bill and Deb Johnson | Cincinnati, OH | Art Scan + 10 Prints, 1 Artist


Sergio Gomez | Chicago, IL | Exhibition Contract, 2 Artists

Christian Hohmann Juror Scroll

Christian Hohmann | Palm Desert, CA | 1 Gallery Contract

ywca Juror Scroll final


Barbara Perez | Cincinnati, OH | Exhibition Contract, 4 Artists

We work really hard to secure the best opportunities for our artists and we’re ecstatic about this year’s Art Comes Alive Awards. And we’re just talking about the artist opportunities our Jurors will be awarding, this doesn’t even include the $80,000 that are Purchase Award Partners have already pre-committed towards the sale of artwork!

And the best thing is artists can win more than one award!!

Which award will you win?


Modern Style for Every Space: High Design + Fine Art

“Modern art is essential to modern life.  It invigorates a room.”

Modern design is a late 19th century style of decor that focuses on minimalism, neutral colors, clean design lines and environmentally-friendly materials and it is back! This modern style breaks with the classical and traditional forms and we’re seeing more of it in residential design, not just sleek office spaces and “hot” new restaurants.

Art Design Consultants is partnering with our Neighbors APG Office Furnishings for an incredible pairing of classic Herman Miller furniture and original fine works of art by our Blink Art Resource Artists.


Art Exhibit Wednesday, May 25 – Friday, July 8


More and more office spaces are moving away from the typical, white-walled cubical with the droning buzz of fluorescent lights. Corporations are now heavily considering design and functionality of the workspace. It’s not just corporate giants like Google or already design-minded architecture firms that are adopting a vibrant, engaging workspace, but corporations of all levels and fields.

“By stimulating ideas, promoting feelings of calm, and giving employees something beautiful to look at where they spend the majority of their day, art can truly make a huge difference in employee satisfaction, productivity, and wellbeing.”   –   Forbes

Modern design in the workplace is functional, problem-solving, and exciting! Artwork is a large component of company culture and bringing the brand to life through colors.  Creative environments helps stimulate minds, inspires innovations and increases productivity!

mirra 2 chair and brian truono

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair and Fine Art Photography by Brian Truono

Modern Style for the corporate office

Click image to see more of Brian Truono’s Photography

eames aluminum group side chair and marlene

Eames Aluminum Group Side Chair white and a stunning mixed media abstract by Marlene Sanaye Yamada


Click image to see more of Marlene’s work.

eames aluminum group side chair, mirra 2 chair and pat zalisko

Mirra 2 Chair, Eames Aluminum Group Side Chair white, and an exhilarating non-representational triptych by Pat Zalisko


Click image to see more of Pat Zalisko’s work.


If your work doesn’t have the expansive open floor plan, take the style inside your own office! Artwork and furniture are a great way to personalize the space to make you feel comfortable and confident in your work.  The modern style is minimal and no-fuss making it easier to keep your focus on the task at hand.

eames lounge and ottoman and owen

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman and a mixed media encaustic by Tom Owen

Tom Owen

Click image to see more of Tom Owen’s work.


While modern styles is rampant in corporate planning and interiors, it’s slowly filtering its way into homes. If the architecture of your home isn’t modern you can still get the look. Get a refined and sophisticated style that’s not stuffy with simple modern furniture that are statement pieces in themselves.  It brings structural simplicity and order into the home and who doesn’t want that?

eames molded fiberglass side chair and evan

Eames Molded Fiberglass Side Chair and a Memorizing piece by Evan Hildebrandt

Evan Hildebrant_design blog

click image to see more of Evan Hildebrandt’s work.

APG Office Furnishings and Art Design Consutlants invite you to a Happy Hour at ADC’s “Gallery in the Sky”.

Hot, trending and wow-worthy designs are right in Cincinnati. New York, Chicago, Miami, LA – nah, why go there when we have your style here?

This can’t miss opening is a designer’s dream with art in all styles and mediums showcasing the season’s “now” colors and designs paired with Herman Miller furniture. Designers, see what we’ve created for your next design.

[ R S V P  H E R E ]

Top Ten Reasons to Enter ACA 2016

…apart from the $250,000+ in awards and amazing networking!

 The top 10 reasons artists should enter Art Comes Alive 2016 are…

yes, enter my work now! 

10. Publicity Just for Entering

Artists often hesitate entering competitions like ACA because of the uncertainty their work will make it to the final exhibit. But, ACA is different. Every artist that enters work will be publicized for a full year by the host, Art Design Consultants. Your work will be showcased on their website, blog, and email blasts to over 50,000 contacts.

screen shot of ADC art store

9. Reach Your TARGET Audience

Our jurors represent a variety of art industries from galleries, art publishing, art consulting to art shows. They work on a broad range of projects, from hospitality, healthcare, and corporate to residential clients and private collectors. If you feel your artwork falls into a certain “niche,” ACA has got it covered.

San Felipe 515120100424_0929

8. Category Awards

There is nothing comparable to the pride you feel when you are awarded the artist of the year in your medium or subject. The check in your name doesn’t hurt either!


7. Networking

This is an amazing opportunity to meet the most prestigious names in the art business. Not only are our jurors and sponsors looking forward to meeting you, they want to see & sell your work! Building mutually beneficial relationships can make a long lasting impact on your career.

Kate Messer Photography 2014

6. Purchase Awards

ACA’s partnerships are money put toward buying the work showcased in the final exhibit. Sponsors = promised sales! We have over $70,000 in Purchase Awards this year (aka over $70,000 in guaranteed sales.)


5. Special Awards

Unique awards are often the best awards to receive. Want a solo booth at the 2016 Art San Diego show, how about the 2017 Art Santa Fe show? You’ll definintely want to enter for a chance at a solo booth at the 2017 Artexpo New York show, the king of art expos. Want a full-page in the 2017 Blink Art Resource catalog? Yeah, we would would too!

Art Comes Alive specialty Awards


student award image

In addition to the four gallery contracts Art Design Consultants will be giving away, one lucky student will receive a gallery contract and mentorship session with Litsa Spanos, owner of ADC and publisher of Blink Art Resource!

4. Awards of Honor

Lifetime Achievement, Emerging Artist of the Year, Best of Show and Runner Up are the highest honor to receive as an artist. Isn’t it time you were recognized for your hard work & talent?

 Kate Messer Photography 2014

3. Gallery Contracts

This year we are awarding 13 gallery contract awards with galleries from all over the country. These awards can help kick-start or expand your career as an artist. A gallery contract lasts beyond the closing of the exhibition, giving you the chance to sell your work and grow as an artist.


2. You Can Win Multiple Awards

When you enter, you don’t have to specify what awards you are interested in winning. We don’t like to allow artists to pigeon hole themselves. ACA artists can win multiple awards! Want to win a purchase award, category award, AND a gallery contract? You just may leave the exhibit feeling like Adele. ACA makes that possible!


And the number one reason artists should enter Art Comes Alive 2016 is…


The ultimate goal for any artist is to sell their work. Through this competition- and a combination of the jurors, sponsors, exhibit, awards, and publicity -this is your chance to get your artwork seen! Give people the opportunity to discover your talent by getting your artwork ‘out there’ & noticed through the help of ACA. It only takes one person falling in love with your work to find your art a home.


Deadline to enter is June 12th 


If you have any questions regarding Art Comes Alive or the application process, please don’t hesitate to contact Elizabeth Davis, Art Design Consultants’ Gallery Director, by email or phone 513-723-1222.

Which award will you win?