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Copper Goes to New York Recap!

We always have such a wonderful time at Artexpo New York, and even though it’s a three day long art show, it’s a whirlwind!  Every year we share the bustle of the show, but we thought it would be fun to give you glimpse of the hustle behind the scenes! It takes a lot of planning and preparation to get the artwork to New York and up in the booth!


Chris did a wonderful job staying organized and focused! We couldn’t have done it without him!


The copperworks getting unpacked, placed and ready to hang!


It’s all hands on when getting a booth in working order! From the tags to wall labels everything has to be perfect!

ADC and Blink at Artexpo

Annnnnd after an evening long install we’re ready!

Litsa and Chelsea

This year we were thrilled to debut the inaugural edition of Blink Art Resource and it was a huge success! See more of Blink’s First Artexpo >>

ADC at Artexpo New York 2015


The Crew at Artexpo! Chris, Litsa, Sylvia, and Chelsea


Ken’s work is always a hit at Artexpo! He creates art that’s truly stunning and in such an unique medium – everyone is  in awe and has to have it!


The Jewel Collection

We only have a few pieces of copper and stainless left from our Artexpo inventory! Their variance in color and design make Ken’s work great for any space, whether in the office or home! Hurry up and stop by the gallery before they’re gone!






Are you interested in the availability of the above artwork? Please call us at 513-723-1222 or email for more information!

Color Crush: Orange

From warm and dreamy to bold and sexy, orange is incredibly versatile! Whether your taste is traditional or contemporary, I promise—there is an orange for you.



Color Crush: Orange Blog

Creamy oranges can create a candlelight inspired glow within a room. A less intense version of any color can be created through the process of “dulling” or “lightening.” Dulling creates a less saturated orange mixed by adding blue because it is the color opposite orange on the color wheel. Lightening is done simply by adding white to color to create a pastel. This orange is great for achieving a soothing, romantic atmosphere. This is an excellent color for brightening up a space—its tones establish the illusion of light.

Ron Halfant_Art Design Consultants

Click image to see more of Ron Halfant’s work.



Color Crush: Orange Blog

Earthy oranges (or brown oranges) can transform a space into a European oasis. Think Tuscany’s dirt roads and stone houses. That is why this color is often referred to as “terra cotta” which means “baked earth” in Latin. This would be considered a dulled orange, which is less intense, and extremely warm. This would be the perfect orange for creating a cozy, comforting atmosphere—perfect for a bedroom or library where you might curl up with a good novel and throw.

Elizabeth LaPenna_Art Design Consultants

Click image to see more of Elizabeth LaPenna’s work.



Color Crush: Orange Blog

Bold, bright oranges are perfect for a fresh, modern look. They are often associated with happiness, youth and cheerfulness. This orange is crisp and intense! Artwork incorporating these oranges would be great for a room that gets lots of light and that is often full of people. How about the kitchen, living room—or heck—why not on the back patio!? These oranges are lively, zesty, and energetic!

Trish Weeks_Art Design Consultants

Click image to see more of Trish Week’s work.

Robbie Kemper_Art Design Consultants

Click image to see more of Robbie Kemper’s work.



Color Crush: Orange Blog

Spicy oranges are sexy and attention grabbing. This loud color is eye catching and would make an ideal focal point in a room. It adds heat and intensity to an empty white wall. I can picture it hanging dramatically above a bed or fireplace, or in a gorgeous stairway. This orange is the color of confidence and laughter. It’s playful, yet sophisticated. Guaranteed to add life to any lifeless room—you can’t deny that this orange is HOT.

chin yuen_Art Design Consultants

Click image to see more of Chin Yuen’s work.

Bonita Williams_Art Design Consultants

Click image to see more of Bonita Williams Goldberg’s work.

More than just a fabulous color, the psychology of orange is optimistic and uplifting, ultimately rejuvenating our spirits. I understand that it takes confidence in to decorate with this bold color, but confidence is extremely sexy, so dare to dream in tangerine and add a splash of orange to your décor.

Are you interested in the availability of the above artwork? Please call us at 513-723-1222 or email for more information!

Mother’s Day Bouquets

All women love to receive flowers, whether for a special occasion or “just because”.  The flowers can be a single stemmed beauty, plucked from the garden, or a brilliant bouquet wrapped in ribbon – it doesn’t matter we love the sweet sentiment they embody! This Mother’s Day consider surprising your mother with a canvas bursting with flowers that is able to be enjoyed year round! No more replacing water and trimming stems, just one stunning work that radiates color and vibrancy throughout the room!

(Don’t miss out on the ADC Team’s special tribute to their moms after the post - keep scrolling to see!)

Lisa Schuster_Garden Party

Lisa Schuster creates incredibly luscious flower portraits that immediately fill any space with light and color. Click image to see all of her fabulous florals!


Suzanne Fisher_Entangled

Suzanne Fisher creates intricate mixed media assemblages. Click on the image to see more of her work and see which piece is perfect for your mom!



Susan Mahan’s collage flowers add whimsy and playfulness to to any stark room. Click image to see her vibrant red poppies in “Date Night”


Linda Jacobs_Green Wellwer Vase with Flowers

Linda Jacobs’ saturated color palate and depiction of depth give the flowers a three dimensional quality and practically have the flowers popping out of the picture! Click image to see more of her works!

Are you interested in the availability of the above artwork? Please call us at 513-723-1222 or email for more information!


A Special Shout Out to Our Moms!

Litsa and Mom_Mother's Day Blog

“Mom taught me that it’s OK to risk it all when it helps the people you love. Today, I honor you Mom, for having the strength to leave our tiny farming village in Greece for a better life for my sister and I. You had a dream for a life filled with happiness, love and prosperity – a dream that came true through your hard work and perseverance. I’m so grateful to you and dad. Se agapo (I love you in Greek)” – Litsa, ADC President

Allison and Mom_Mother's Day blog

“Through thick & thin. Ev always has my back!” – Allison, ADC Senior Art Consultant

Chris and Mom_Mother's Day Blog

“I’m grateful for my mom, because she’s always been there for me.” – Chris, ADC Master Framer

Sandy and Mom_Mother's Day Blog

What I remember most about my mother is her unconditional love for me and her belief in the goodness of all people.” – Sandy, ADC Art Director

Elizabeth and Mom_Mother's Day Blog

“I count myself truly lucky to be able to live, learn and grow with my mom. Her willingness to put others first and always do the right thing is inspiring.” – Elizabeth, ADC Gallery Director

Matt and Mom_Mother's Day Blog

“No matter what my mom does, she always puts others first.” – Matt, ADC Framer

Chelsea and Family_Mother's Day Blog

“My mother is an incredible woman and the epitome of what a mother should be. She managed to raise three strong, independent women which is quite the task! She taught us to strive to be our best with confidence. That we as woman can do anything!” – Chelsea, Blink Development Director

Sara and Mom_Mother's Day Blog

“I appreciate my mom for taking my sister and I to play in the daisy fields as little girls, for giving my first cat of my own, for playing in the creek with us, and making us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches shaped like stars. I am always discovering that I am more like my mom than I know, and she is always there to talk to me.” – Sara, ADC Gallery Associate



A very Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible mothers out there!

An Amazing Opportunity!

Still wavering on entering your artwork to Art Comes Alive (ACA)? Well rest assured, because ACA was founded with you, the artist, in mind! ACA is here to help you connect with amazing opportunities like gaining national exposure with art industry experts and collectors, wining amazing awards like gallery contracts and cash prizes, and most importantly SELLING ART!

Artists, with the ACA deadline fast approaching, don’t miss your chance!



ACA Artist Success Stories – these artists couldn’t have done it without ACA! 


“Participating in the Art Comes Alive Exhibition was a very worthwhile professional experience…As a painter AND web designer my profile in the gallery and design world has exploded, especially since receiving awards with Art Comes Alive. The new Blink Art Resource is another great way to get seen by the right audience!”

- Bette Ridgeway


Helmut ACA Testimonial

“I’m sitting there in the audience and suddenly see my painting displayed in front of everyone present – that alone  was such an electric feeling –the next moment I was on stage holding the “Emerging Artist of the Year – 2013” award – no words can describe the experience of being recognized for excellence. As if receiving such an honor was not enough, my artwork also sold!

The team at ADC has been such a big part of my relatively small world of watercolor painting and I can’t say enough about how supportive and wonderful they are. Keep up the great work!”

- Helmut Kientz


Marti Leroux ACA Testimonial

“Winning the Sterling Cut Glass Purchase Award last year was such an honour & a beautiful surprise. I drove 13 hours from Montreal to be part of such a classy & exciting evening! The ACA competition is so generous in offering so many awards and it’s a great recognition for artists. Thank you so much for all that you do!

- Marti Leroux


Nick Stamas Testimonial Header

“When Emily and I arrived, the room was electric…energy was so amazing! All of the artwork on the walls was of such great quality, it was thrilling to just be in that company, let alone be presented with an award. I am humbled to receive any honor, and was proud but a bit shy to walk up and be presented, because as a lifetime artist, I never think my work is good enough to be judged so kindly. I will be a part of ADC as long as Litsa is there doing her phenomenal work!”

- Nick Stamas


Karen Rolfes ACA Testimonial

“It was such an honor to be chosen as a finalist in the ACA competition. The awards night was so special. Being surrounded by so much talent and everyone having a similar passion to create, was awesome. Thank you to all my friends at ADC!”

- Karen Rolfes



If you have any questions regarding Art Comes Alive or the application process, please don’t hesitate to contact Elizabeth Davis, Art Design Consultants’ Gallery Director, by email or phone 513-723-1222.

We look forward to seeing your work!